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Throwback Thursday – Christmas Past – 2007 at Smith Barney, California – Another great site to customize IKEA furniture

Here is another really cool way to customize the look of your Ikea furniture. I found an ad for this site on First there was and now I have discovered PANYL is Architectural grade adhesive finishes for IKEA Products.  The website shows a wide variety of colors, and finishes to upgrade any piece of […] – Customize your IKEA Furniture and More with Overlays!

I saw a banner for on the sidebar of IKEAHACKERs and am so happy to share this interesting find. Ikea provides a wonderful and cost effective option when it comes to modular furniture. makes special pieces to customize the look of the Ikea furniture. They make it simple with a gallery of before […]

Kitchen Decor Using – “Chicken Pig Cow Fish” and

Custom Home Goods from Zazzle using My Digital Art Update: 04/01/2013 If you look under ART > Digital Art In Progress you will find the blog / journals for “Chicken, Pig, Cow, Fish”  (CPCF). This is a digital artwork that I created using PhotoShop and will soon paint onto four 13 X 13 canvases using acrylic […]

IKEAHACKERS – How to paint your own rug

I have been having trouble finding the perfect rug for my living room. I am so over the traditional oriental/arabesque patterns that you can find anywhere. I have actually fallen in love with modern, simple large pattern rugs but have found that they come with quite a price tag. I cannot commit to spending hundreds […]

IKEA Hackers: Expedit sewing/crafting/cutting table

As I was exploring ideas for creating a craft table, I found myself at the IKEAHACKERs site and saw this fantastic idea for a craft table. This is a fantastic project idea for anyone looking for a craft table. IKEA Hackers: Expedit sewing/crafting/cutting table. As for me, I ended up giving my butcher block a […]

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