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Chicken Pig Cow Fish (CPCF) – From Digital Concept to Acrylic Painting Collection

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  When I started the Chicken Pig Cow Fish project (CPCF), I started with a sketch of each animal on 13 x 13″ framed canvases. After taking a picture of the canvas’s with the lightly sketched characters on them, I imported the photos of the pieces into Photoshop to play around with the design and […]

Chicken Pig Cow Fish – Digital Art by Gita

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The Concept I have been searching for artwork for an empty wall in the kitchen. I searched on the internet and various stores but couldn’t find anything that I really loved. The theme of kitchen is RGB (Red Green Blue).  I have dutch ovens in this color, and I thought recently to also add yellow, […]

“Introspection” Art and Thought – by

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            This is a very personal piece that I have decided to share. The words and artwork are my own. It is still in progress. To share the process of creating this piece I have created a video slideshow using progress photos of the work at various stages and have […]

Mixed Media : A new direction for the Munnar Hillstation Painting.

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Unsatisfied with the results of the first attempt with the Munnar Hillstation acylic painting, I decided to change the things I didn’t like and keep the parts I do like.

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