Fitness is an important part of a healthy life. I have been a fan of fitness and fitness magazines for years. At age 15 I took interest in Shape Magazine and it changed my life. I started to learn about healthy foods, portion control and exercise routines. I love elliptical trainers and weight machines and have collected awesome at home workout videos ranging Windsor Pilates to Belly Dancing.

This is section of the site is where I share my passion for fitness. Most recently, I have invested in a Total Gym! Combined with my Keys Center G Elliptical Trainer (Purchased in 2006) I believe I have everything I need to get a good workout for my heart as well as

Sections for the Fitness Site will Include:

Fitness Apps

Fitness Games
– Nintendo Wii – Zumba
– Ninitendo Wii Fit

Fitness Equipment
– Total Gym
– Elliptical
– Walking
– Nintendo Wii

Fitness Videos
– Windsor Pilates
– Pussycat Dolls
– Belly Dancing
– Yoga

Fitness Magazines
– Shape
– Fitness
– FitnessRX for Women
– Muscle Fitness for Women
– Women’s Health

Fitness Clothing
– Otomix
– Champion Sports Bras
– Vicotoria’s Secret Workout Geer
– Shoes

Fitness Inspirations

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