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Having years of customer service experience ranging from inside sales /call center to Best Buy, to Financial Adviser / Stock Broker I can’t help but note the experience I have when dealing with so called “Customer Support.” There is  saying that when you have a good experience, you tell one of your friends, and when you have a bad experience, you tell 10 of your friends. There is also a saying that the best compliment you can give is a referral.

It’s time to give a shout out to those who deserve the Excellence in Customer Service Award on Gita.me!

Criteria for Excellent Vendor:

It will be someone I have interacted with personally, either face to face or via email/online communication.

1) I will not tell them that I have a blog or am “evaluating”  the support experience. This will ensure that they treat me just like another other person who is just looking for support and doesn’t have a blog or other intention that would cause the support specialist to change their behavior.

2) If I have a great experience, I will create a blog post on Gita.me documenting the experience and put them on my favorite vendor’s list.

3) After the experience is complete, I will give them a link to my post, and thank them for their excellent support.

4) I will write a very positive online review for that vendor complete with photos where appropriate and a link to my experience on this site for those who want details of my project and the way they handled my issue.

Mean people SUCK!  So let’s focus on GOOD PEOPLE! :-) 


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