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This is a very new portion of the site, and right now there are not that many posts. This page has links to project ideas and my own completed projects related to home furnishing and decor. I have lived in many different places and over time, and have discovered that my favorite pieces are GEMS –  GEEKY, Elegant, Modern, Sentimental (GEMS)!

A home should have the mark of the people who live there. In the past, I didn’t know what my style was but I knew what I liked and didn’t like. Furnishing a house meant finding an entire room as a collection. More recently I love purchasing one piece at at time from different places to create a more personal collection. Many of my favorite pieces are ones I built myself, and sometimes my favorite pieces were bargains I found through Craigslist. If you are going to be picky about furniture, and money is a major factor, then try building your own or give new life to a piece you already have. I have done it… that is what these pages are about.

 Ikea furniture has been a major building block for my own custom design ideas. I have also learned to use a sewing machine to make my own home decor, because I just don’t seem to find something special enough in stores for the look I am going after. And again, there is a cost saving when you make it yourself, but you can achieve a high end and very stylish look by doing it yourself. 

I am still getting together all of the projects for this page, so please check back from time to time to see what’s new!

Decor & Craft Ideas  –  This is where I save links to DIY project ideas. I go back to this part of the site a lot to remember ideas from other sites and share with friends looking for similar ideas.

My Completed Projects – Here are DIY Projects that I am working on or have already completed. If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT. These were all tremendous fun.

  • Furniture Projects – Here are some custom furniture projects I have done using Ikea basic as the basic building block. I also like to add a bit of technology to the furniture whenever it make sense. We call this GEEKING OUT the furniture.
  • Sewing Projects -Color and fabrics can completely change the look and feel of a room. I like to change the theme of my living room with homemade like cushion covers and artwork. DIY projects are often way cooler and less expensive than stuff you buy at the store. It is also a great use of time, and helps keep your mind busy with happy thoughts!

Furniture Stores – When I need furniture I begin a search in stores and online. Sometimes I find the most amazing stores either in brick and mortar or online format. Here is a page places I think are cool and worth remembering.

Craft Gadgets – There is a lot of amazing technology out there related to Arts & Crafts. This page provides links and information to items that are techy and arts and crafts related. If you have a special artist in your life, this is a great page to check out for ideas on presents you can get for crafty people like me. I let you know if I have purchased and tested it. I also post wishlist items that I would like to review.




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