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This website is a collection of my ideas and projects. I am an artist, foodie, student, music lover, animal lover, ideas person, and a bit of a joker. I love to learn new things, and execute on ideas. Rather than just dream, I like to follow through. This site helps me do that.

Food and Cakes

Who doesn’t love food? Food is an art in itself. I love to try new foods and to recreate them in my own kitchen. There are many recipes on this site that I have tried, some are my own, and some are from other sources. I love to take photos / videos of the process and keep a record of them on this site so that I can quickly refer back to them for future reference, or share with friends and family. I also like to film my friends and family making their favorite dishes. After all, someone has to hold the camera!

I took a few cake decorating classes at a local art  store and discovered a new passion! I have a cake gallery with photos of some of my favorite cake creations. More recently, I am taking photos / videos of the process so that the memory of the great cake lives long after the it has been devoured!

Home Decor and Crafts

A home should have the mark of the people who live there. My personal style is really Eclectic and leans toward modern. I have a few posts on furniture and home decor projects I have completed. My latest challenge is designing a 4 level Luxury Town home. I have been saving ideas and links to products on my Pinterest Page. It is the ultimate way to keep track of my favorite pieces of furniture, lighting, home decor and inspirations.


Everyone needs a hobby or a passion. My oldest hobby has been arts & crafts. As a kid I learned to draw using step by step books. As a teen I started to draw comics and focusing on photo realistic sketches. In college, I learned to use digital software including Photoshop and Illustrator. Although I majored in Finance / IT and worked full time, I love graphic design. Although I am not an academically trained artist, I have learned a lot from workshops, step by step books, and most recently, online tutorials. I share all of my sources and my projects (past, present and future) in the Art section.

I stopped taking time to sketch and draw for a few years. I have made it a part of my life once again, and am happier because of it. If you find joy in art, I hope this section inspires you to take on a new project, or complete an old one.


Laughter has healing properties. Whenever I see something funny online, I save it here. A lot of the posts in this section come from friends and family. I come here when I need a laugh or a boost of positive energy. This section has videos of people having fun or being funny. Nothing cheers me up or melts my heart like cute animals, so I created a section for some of my favorite animal videos and pictures. Take a break, laugh, there… isn’t that better :-)


If you have a passion to learn about something, learn it! I am an artist who has been developing technical expertise to support business IT needs. For the past few years I have been focusing in the areas of SalesForce, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Designer, ASP.net, VBA, and Microsoft Office products.  In this section I share some of my favorite sources of knowledge in these areas. This is also the place where I set personal goals for myself  and track my progress.

You can learn anything as long as you have a passion to learn. The worst obstacle for learning is self doubt. If you have an internet connection, you have access to learning tools at every price point ranging from free (YouTube), to a full college tuition. My hope is that this inspires someone out there to take a step toward learning.





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