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This page contains all the different links on related to Artwork.


Art In Progress

Process is important whether you are an artist or an engineer. I create these pages as journals where I log the process I use to create art pieces. This will help me become a better artist, and also improve my workflow and time estimates for future projects. It is also a great way to log the entire experience of creating artwork, which is my favorite thing to do in the whole world :-)


Fine Art in Progress

These are projects created using charcoal, pencils, ink, paint and other traditional forms of art media. Click the picture below to go to Fine Art Projects. There are some project that I start on a canvas and develop on a computer so there is a some overlap.


Digital Art in Progress

These are projects created using computer software such as Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, Corel Painter etc


My Sketches

I have scanned in some of my favorite sketches that I created in high school and college. They are all in a nice black portfolio at home, so I thought I would put them online in a similar digital portfolio.


Learning Art

On this page, I list references that I own or use that have helped me become that artist I am today. This page contains links to other blogs, websites and vendors that I have learned from.

Understanding Perspective


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