I love to cook, I love to eat and I love to share recipes that have worked for me. The Recipes section of this page contains link to food recipes by category. Most recently, I have added a section called “Healthy Eating” which focuses on recipes from Clean Eating, Shape and other health focused magazines and books.


This link will take you to ALL my favorite recipes. For a more specific search, here are some categories to search by

SunsetWine-LOGO Sunset Wine Club Recipes: We received a gift for a “Wine of the Month” club. Every month, we receive a package via UPS from Sunset Wine Club. The package contains one Red Wine and one White Wine. Additionally, each wine comes with a recipe card for a suggested meal pairing. Since we love to cook, this becomes a wonderful adventure in food! Click on the logo to see the wines and meal pairing blogs.
EntreeLogoEntrees/Main Dishes: This is a collection of my favorite main dishes that I have made over and over again. Some are from cooking magazines and websites. I always try to mention the original source when this is the case, and note my revisions as necessary. If I wrote a cookbook these would all be in them. Enjoy!
Dessert-logo Sweet Treats Recipes: This section includes a variety of different desserts, cakes and cookies that I have tried and truly love. Each blog post contains photos and the recipe for the featured recipe. A must see for anyone with a sweet tooth!
Healthy eatingRecipes from my favorite healthy magazine including – Clean Eating, Shape, FitnessRx Women, Muscle Fitness for Her


Restaurant  I love –  I love trying new foods! Here are some restaurants that I have been to and highly recommend.

Restaurants – Try Me! – Have you ever passed a restaurant and said “Oh! That sounds interesting!” Here is where I park all those restaurants of interest. This is a list of restaurants I would like to try based on recommendations from friends, online sources such as and even a few that I have passed by and wanted to bookmark for future tasting.

Gita’s Cake Gallery

Fancy Cakes Gallery –  Shameless display of amateur home video and photos of cakes I have made. Full disclosure: I have taken all four Wilton Cake Decorating Courses at my local Michael’s Craft Store. Professionally trained chefs would laugh at that statement, but honestly, the instructors were great! I also taught myself  cake decorating techniques from books and step by step how to’s. I have learned that the best results come from planning. Whether it is a few scribbles on a napkin, try to map out the end result with a model drawing.

Fail Cakes Gallery (coming soon) – It’s not fair to highlight only the great moments in cake. I believe it’s only fair that I share the epic FAIL CAKES! These are laughable and sometimes the gross looking results of cakes that did not go according to plan. However, these too have a purpose and a place on Reviewing what went wrong can help you get stronger as a baker if you take the time to review your process, and research the possible solution to preventing the same situation in the first place.

Scientific Approach to Pastry 

Pastry can be a difficult thing. But the reward of putting a smile on someone’s face by presenting them with a cake, is one of the reasons why I won’ t stop baking.  For a cake to achieve a delicious flavor and moist, fluffy texture, it is important to take a scientific approach to baking. Though spontaneous creativity is the mark of a good artist,  consistency is the mark of  a true master. What better way to be consistent than to find a perfect recipe, note the exact measurements and have the same perfect results every time? That is why process in baking is so important. But in a stir of learning, it is easy to forget what you have learned. Hence, all the photos.

I get really serious when it comes to planning a cakes. I don’t believe in going in Willy – Nilly! It’s ALL out, or NOTHING! Through experimentation, I have been able to learn a lot about ingredients, and how to use them to achieve the desired results. Whenever I come across an awesome ingredient I will be sure to give it extra attention on the associated post.

I have moved past boxed mixes and prefer to experiment with ingredients to make my own cakes from scratch. However, I always keep a box of yellow cake mix in my kitchen pantry for those FAIL CAKES situations when frantic heroics are not enough to salvage my “baked from scratch” efforts. For these situations, I keep cake mix around. But I always document the FAIL CAKES and review the process to find out where I went wrong and converts a negative result into a positive learning experience. When it comes to pastry in general, the more cakes practice the better. You will also make tons of friends because hopefully opt to bring in your delicious creations to work rather than eating all the practice cakes alone!

Food Videos by Gita

One of my favorite hobbies is video editing. I have used my own recipes, photos, video captures to create these videos for fun!

Featured Kitchen Gadget

With the cold weather approaching, I decided to get to know an old friend that has been sitting quietly in my extra kitchen storage space. Hello Mr. Slow Cooker! The Rival Smart Pot, pictured below has a 5 Qt capacity and uses a one button operation that can cook for 4, 6, 8 and 10 hours. Once the cook time is complete, the Smart Pot automatically goes into warming mode.

Rival Stainless Steel Crock Pot on

Rival Stainless Steel Crock Pot on

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