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Ideas for wall art collections – Currencies of the past

Coins and Currency have always been an interest of mine. I have coins and bills that are no longer printed. As the world is moving toward digital currency, paper notes and coins will be history. If you have ever looked closely at currency, there is very detailed artwork and symbols that make it worthy of wall art, and a prime candidate for a multi piece art collection.


  • Which side will be exposed in the frame? – Currency has two sides which can pose a challenge when framing currency. Either you only display one side of the note, or if you are fortunate and have 2 copies of each note, display both the front and the back of the note which means more real estate within the frame as seen here

EtsyFramedCurrency08-16 101105

  • Double sided frame – This is a frame that is clear on both sides so you can easily see both sides of the note in the same frame. The clear frame instantly coordinates with whatever wall color it is laid upon giving the illusion of a matting that matches your wall. This would require removing the frame from the wall to view the backside for those “more hands on” viewers. A major benefit is saving wall space and not having to have 2 copies of each note to display.



Placement of notes – 

  • Currency can fade if not displayed correctly. Avoid areas that receive a lot of sunlight. Overtime, light has a bleaching effect on ink. While this can be mitigated with higher quality UV protective acrylic, but I prefer to place them in an area with less direct sunlight.
  • Weight of frames/shadowboxes – Coin collections are heavy and should be encased in shadowbox frame. The frame can become very heavy with all the metal coins and it is important to have a heavy duty shadowbox/frame that can be safely displayed to a wall. If the final piece is very heavy, please use anchors or framing implements intended for heavier pieces of artwork.



  • A great option if your notes are not all in perfect condition or have a lot of the same currency. This is freestyle and a fun way to display.
  • Coin Cases – While at first I would think these belong in a locked box, these coin cases are actually a great way to interact with coins while keeping them organized. You could create an entire art wall of coins displayed in these cases with a clever background color or lighting.


  • Frame with historical fact or accompanying piece –


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