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Ideas for wall art collections – Tours of Europe Art

Petite Tour – Frames art

Have you been to Europe and taken a billion pics you don’t know what to do with (or are living on a forgotten micro SD somewhere in a home)? Here is a great idea I got from Ballard design from August 2020. This collection is called Petite Tours of Europe art. It appears to be a collection of photos from famous places in Europe, beautifully matted and framed as part of a collection. Immediately I remembered my visits to Italy, France, Netherlands and the stops along the way. I am sure that many of you have a similar collection from your adventures in Europe or memories from a particular vacation. Consider creating your own collections with your favorites. It makes a great icebreaker/conversation piece and a very tasteful addition to any art collection.


How to create this tastefully?

The key here finding uniform frames and clean matting. This is a fantastic idea that can be done on multiple budget levels from dollar store to custom framing. For our home, I am looking at frames from Michael’s or other similar framing stores for frames that come with thick beige or neutral matting.

The Artwork itself can be your own vacation photos or if you are an artist, your own paintings/sketches of buildings and famous places. The key here will be:  Printing on high quality paper through a professional printer (e.g. Walmart, CVS, Shutterfly etc). The quality of paper and ink can make all the difference. Consider

  • Art from the same place/trip for a collection
  • Consider printing using a black and white or monochromatic color to match to color elements already in your room or to make the collection of colors more cohesive.
  • If you have a photo effects software, try out some of the filters such as transforming a photo into a watercolor or tweaking the lighting angles, tints and, hues within the photo to get a custom look for your space
  • Have fun with it! This is art time don’t stress

Example: Here are some of my own photos from my Summer 2008 Visit to Italy



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