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Ideas for Art Collections You Can Make

Full Disclosure: The inspiration for these is from the internet. I just prefer to make art more personal by adding a touch of my own art.

After purchasing these pieces from At Home I am obsessed with matching/accompanying pieces to fill the open wall space around them.



Ideas & Inspirations

Natural This is the space we are working with… dining room



Rocks, Minerals & Geodes

These makes sense or this space, as I await a Geode Fluid Pour of my own creation.

20200810_133354 20200810_133154

Story of this Find

It was my day off and the kids were being watched. My objective, gold frames for a possible collection of pieces to be displayed around the new large abstracts on the main floor.

  • Michael’s – I found some golden frames that looked promising but only 2

Homegoods – Passing through wall art I found of of these tucked behind larger pieces or something unmemorable. I had seen something like this and behind it, a matching frame with a different centerpiece. I held on to these and waited for another pair of patrons to pass (COVID distancing, masks and common courtesy).


I found myself staring at yet another large piece that had a golden frame. It was impressive but I wasn’t here for that. As another set of patrons approached I turned around and saw these ….minerals …. I froze and gasped with enthusiasm. Words I used to describe it

  • GENUINE Agate.
  • Raw & Real
  • Complex.
  • Imperfect.
  • Adorned in gold.
  • Luxurious.

A Stunning collection that had me staring just long enough to snatch them up along with the pair already in hand. My mind was ablaze with ideas and customizations! This is EXACTLY how a piece must make me feel in order for me to allow it into my home. It must evoke an excitement and a joy.  What’s more the matting and framing is so well done that the shadowboxes can be reused and the contents changed for an easy future refresh. This was a bargain.


I was so excited to find these at Home Goods! The hint of gold elements on the geodes as well as the frames… minerals of all colors (including a variety of blue hues). The framing is exquisite and there is a neutral fabric that adds elegance to what is otherwise a slice of gorgeous rock.


Get the look!


I got super lucky and found these at Homegoods. You can find similar at Etsy.  Here are some beautiful ones I found online. Multiples of these would make a super elegant wall decor collection.




Wayfair-Agate Art

Bailey Street Home



Pottery Barn 



Cherish –

This piece by itself is stunning and makes me want to look closer. A fabulous piece, beautifully matted and framed. 

Etsy – Once again the artist/hobbiest community at Etsy comes through with these beautiful options at different price ranges. Frames and details such as matting for every budget. This is a great way of becoming an instant collector while compensating an artist for their creativity. Here are some amazing samples I found on August 12, 2020.
Search Term:Agate Shadowbox

Etsy - Agate Slices Framed

Create Your Own/Customize your collection

If you have empty frames this is a fantastic DIY art project that you can personalize to your taste. Here is a great read from Dans Le Lakehouse  that walks you through the steps for DIY Agate Art



Where to purchase Agate Slices


Screenshot Dated: Aug 12, 2020
Search Term: Agate Slice

Agate slices are available in natural and handmade varieties ranging in every color and size you can imagine. I like the agate slices with the edges painted in gold. These are also referred to as “coasters.” The prices vary based on the size, characteristics, and details.
Etsy - Agate Slices

Customization: FABULOUS options to curate a unique collection where you chose each slice. Note, some pieces in this category are natural while other are fully handmade using epoxy resin. Read care

Etsy -Agate Slice Blue


Fabric Backed

In addition to a quality frame, I observed that the higher end pieces all had a fabric lined backing seen behind the centerpiece. When this fabric is coordinated between multiple pieces, the effect is a truly luxurious piece of art worth of display on it’s own or as part of a collection.  Adding a fabric backing is very simple. Simply cut a piece or cardboard and hot glue or staple the fabric against the backing. Then mount the centerpiece on top of the fabric and secure.


Ideas for Matting/Fabric

  • Coordinate the matting with the wall paint/other design elements of the room. Visit a art supply/framing store for ideas.
  • Double matting (or more) is a great way of emphasizing a smaller center piece in a large frame.
  • Consider multiple fabrics that are within the same color family to add interest
  • Use the same fabric and framing for a more uniform/pristine look to your collection
  • Avoid heavy patters especially when you are displaying multiple pieces. They simply distract from the centerpiece and can be visual overload for the eyes
  • Play around with the placement of the stone. The center is not the only way. Consider rule of thirds.


Inspiration Galleries

Pottery Barn –  Incorporating agate framed art into an existing collection. Eclectic. Unexpected. Interesting. Harmonious.




New Update: Since beginning to decorate this room we have a new front yard that includes this lovely tree with fuchsia flowers, just like the more mature trees across the street. Fuchsia pillows may be just the thing to celebrate this view. I am very grateful.





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