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Main Floor 2020 Project


After many donation and purge cycles, I am down to only those things which I love or which have purpose in my home. During cleanup phase I evaluated carefully every single item in the affected areas to decide if it stays or goes.

To my joy and delight, I was left with elements with only those things that brought me joy. The next step was to find a way to make them work together.


Main Floor Project – Front Room/Lobby

  • Formal Dining Room
  • Front Room
  • Stair Wall Space & Lobby Area
  • Niche

Affected Areas: 

  • Front Room: An open office/hot desk where any member of the family can plug in a device and work.
  • Dining Room – It’s used more as a workspace than a place to eat
  • Stair Walls – Ugly doorbell and light switch. Add style to conceal these and give this space some purpose

Design Notes & Constraints

  • Minimalist/Modern/Contemporary/French/Asian/Fusion
  • Combination of dark wood and light fabric furniture with clean classic lines
  • Constraints:
    • Brown/Red hardwood floors with red/purple notes
    • Columns
    • Oddly shaped rooms/layout
    • Nothing to “anchor” the room
  • Combination of gold/silver and copper tones




  1. Rearrange the furniture so that it meets the purpose of the space using only those items that you currently own.

Front Room/Main Office 

  • Desk* (Currently using my art/drafting desk but this is perhaps not the final design piece for this room)
  • Desk Chair or Stool (Currently using a spare cream bar stool or dining chair)
  • 2 Cream Leather Club Chairs  – These are perfect and a change of cushions makes a huge difference
  • Rug – Wrong size for this configuration but it will work for now
  • 2 Dark Wood Side Tables
  • 2 Glam Crystal Lamps with Champagne colored drum shade


20200704_124024 20200704_115948 20200704_124111 20200704_124135 20200704_124156


During the Spring/Summer of 2020, there were 2 separate families of house finches who made a nest on the topiary plants just outside the front door. The office is close to the front door which provided windows to observe the birds lay eggs and raise their chicks. It was a beautiful thing to observe and a daily reminder of the beauty (and cruelty) of nature.

Add the elements of Design & Decor 

  • A trip to my local home decor and I fell in love with 3 Large pieces of abstract artwork that I placed in front room. This is literally the only new thing I bought for this room. Everything else is what I already had in my collection.




From the Entrance by the stairs in the afternoon



From the Dining Room


View when seated at the desk looking into Dining Room


More Pillows to Try

This mix of pillows will be mixed into the dining room and other spaces on this side of the floor.


I’m not done yet. More to come. Now that we have been using the space and like the layout we are focusing on

  • Appropriately sized rug for front room (9 ×12)
  • Accompanying art pieces to flank both sides of the main anchor piece (I am thinking of little collections of things/pics)
  • Cabinetry or furniture (Slim side to hold cables/basic needs for space)
  • Possible fireplace
  • Modern Gold Chandelier



Positive Affirmations/Gratitude and the Foundation of this design. 

I have the power to change my environment. I have the power to make my house my home, my palace, my oasis, my sanctuary, my Heaven. I chose only those things that are purposeful or bring me joy, or evoke positive feelings. I love to fill my space with gifts from others as it reminds me of them whenever I see it. It is a constant reminder of the love and good vibes within our home.  These gifts are like blessings and wishes of good fortune from the people whom I love and admire. These gift evoke positive feelings and remind me to check in with my special friends. I love to fill my space with bursts of colors that bring multiple rooms together in a space using simple elements such as colorful pillows, flowers, textiles or art. 

Art, is a moment in time that is captured for eternity. As we evolve, so does our taste in art. It is ok to change your mind about an art piece or simply move on from it if it doesn’t make sense in your space or you want a change.

I am thankful to be able fill my home with art. I am thankful most of all for the loved ones with whom I share my home. Without them, none of this matters. This home is a shell. While I love beautiful things, I remind myself of this truth.







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