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Box from the past

20181027_131644[1]October 27, 2018

During the “Great Basement Clear Out of 2018” I came across a box that I had not opened in a long time. It contained personal items from my office from my last employer. It has been over 2 years since I packed it. I had come across this box before and quickly closed it up and shoved it under other boxes because I wasn’t ready to confront some of the feelings and memories that came with it. But today, I went through everything in that box and the feelings were very different.


In short, the lesson I learned

  • Time heals wounds.
  • Do YOURSELF a favor. Forgive. Don’t Forget.
  • No one has 100% positive reviews. Don’t let one hater’s opinion change your perception of yourself and the fact that you accomplished much.
  • Was this a Failure … or Tough Lesson?
  • The best of the bunch still stay in touch with me today.
  • Despite all this, I am still standing. FACT.
  • The FORCE is real :-)

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