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My Story – How I Became Unhealthy, How I found the Ketogenic Diet

I started the Ketogenic diet on my 38th birthday. I weighed 200.9 lbs. I knew I had to get my weight under control because I was already feeling the pain and other symptoms and I knew that if I didn’t take control of my weight/eating, I would end up with diabetes, heart disease or something worse. I had never been this heavy before, but after having my 2nd baby (I had 2 C-Sections in 13 months), and becoming unemployed shortly thereafter, I was stressed, unable to sleep, always worrying and honestly I felt depressed a lot of the time. I took care of my infant during the day and drove for Uber at night, between 8 pm and 4 am.  I wasn’t able to sleep for long stretches, and spent the day applying for jobs, and caring for our infant. I fell into a depressed state. I cried a lot in private, my self esteem was destroyed, and I was always angry or anxious. I really lost my confidence and was in a bad place mentally and the weight kept coming on. All I did was wear my pregnancy clothes to feel comfortable and not pay attention to the fact that I was gaining weight.

Fortunately, I found a job that helped me regain my confidence as a professional in late 2016. On January 2018, I decided to set a new years resolution for myself to lose weight. I got on the scale and weighed 190 lbs. I was shocked. That is how much I weighed when I gave birth to my 2nd baby. The next few months I went through many of the wrong ways of eating. I did 6 small meals a day. That worked for about a week until I got sick of preparing the same meal over and over. It was also difficult when coworkers wanted to go out to eat. I found myself struggling through the first few days of the week only to blow it on Friday – Sunday. A cheat day would turn into a cheat week. I saw a video of myself on my son’s birthday and  was devastated. Was that me? How did I come to this? I didn’t want to weigh myself. I knew it was more than 190 and wasn’t ready to face it. I went online to find Groupon deals for lipotropic injections, physician’s assisted diet plans, and all sorts of diet pills/supplements. I even bought some Hydroxycut diet pills in a weak moment at the drugstore. Then finally, I had a moment of clarity. I stopped all the negative talk and started writing in a journal using OneNote. I reflected back on every diet I have ever done since I can remember. I noted which ones worked, and which one’s didn’t and how long the weightloss stayed off. This took days to put together and what I ended up with a wonderful and empowering trip down memory lane. The most weightloss I had ever experienced was when I was 29 years old. A drive across country, and a side job as a cake baker landed me at 165 lbs when I was 29. I started a daily exercise and diet regimen with restricted carbs. At that time I was also getting lipotropic  and mesotheropy injections to tackle cellulite all over my and arms. It took me 6 months to get from 165lbs to 125 lbs. I was able to maintain that weight for 2 years but found it hard to because of required 30 – 45 minutes of daily cardio plus weight training 5 days a week. Before I had my 1st baby, I weighed 145 lbs. I liked this weight because I still looked great and was able to workout less during the week and have a cheat day one the weekend. Now with two boys under the age of two, I knew that going to the gym would not be an option. I believed that an in home cardio machine would be the solution.  I researched several and purchased the Boxflex Max M5 Trainer because it was compact enough to fit down the stairwell to the storage room. I already had a Total Gym collecting dust after my 2nd pregnancy and I found it, all the attachments, and the videos and decided that this would be my strength training machine. When asked about a birthday gift, I chose a FitBit to track my workouts. Little did I know that it did so much more!

200.9 lbs. I had gained weight and no, it was not muscle. My clothes didn’t fit. I felt exhausted and irritable all the time and I was in pain around several of the joints in my body.  I hadn’t exercised because I no longer had a cardio machine in my home and

Having success before with the Atkin’s diet, I decided to give the low carb diet a try. I also decided to look at other parts of my life to see where I could make adjustments to “make time.” Upon searching the internet for low carb diets, I ended up watching a string of videos which lead me to Dr. Eric Berg’s video. I can’t remember the first video I watched but the first one I remember watching was on



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