WORK IN PROGRESS: Gita Makes: Customized Totes for for Jimmy and Billy using Silhouette Cameo – Iron On Heat Transfer

Almost done with this project. Just have to iron onto the tote bags we use for the boys when they go to child care!



Creating and Setting the Letters

Reverse and Cut Edge


First, I used the Silhouette Studio program to create the “Jimmy” and “Billy” text. I reversed the lettering to the mirror image and made sure that the cut style was set to only cut the edge of the words.


** Important: See next two steps regarding Reversing and Cutting the Edge Only.








Mirror RightNote 1 : When using Iron On Heat Transfer, you want to reverse the letter so that the words are right side facing when you iron them onto your surface. To reverse the letters go to the Replicate icon and select Mirror Right. This will create a duplicate. Delete the original that is facing the correct way so that you are left with only the reversed image.





















Next: To ensCut Edgeure that the Cameo does not cut through the letter where the font overlaps, select the “Cut Edge” cut style under the “Cut Settings” icon. With cursive or script fonts there are areas that overlap meaning that the cutter will cut through the overlapping areas if you do not instruct it otherwise.













Loading the Iron On Heat Transfer – No Mat


Load the heat iron on heat transfer into the Cameo with the DULL SIDE FACING UP.


You do not need to use the cutting mat for this type of iron on heat transfer. Therefore, when loading, select the option for Load Media and NOT Load Cutting Mat.



After the Cameo cuts the letter carefully peal off the excess Iron On material but keep the clear film on the part that you want to iron on.


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