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Gita Makes | Yellow Spoon Mirror – 1st Attempt

With the cold weather in 2015, I was finding myself wanting to stay in more and was in quite an artsy craftsy mood. The success of upcycling diaper boxes to make  Lined Jute Baskets  had me wanting to redecorate the kids / family space in my home. First it was the baskets, then it was matching pillow covers, and now I wanted to try out a DIY Mirror Project I had seen on Pinterest. I also found videos on YouTube with different methods of tackling the project.

The two videos I found to be most relevant were

Jessica Joaquin :

The Creative Glow




I went with Jessica’s method because The Creative Glow method seemed way more labor intensive with all the sanding. However, after creating this project the first time, I think I may try out The Creative Glow‘s method because I wasn’t compeltely happy with the way that the spoons were laid out. There were a couple areas were they are noticeably “sloppy.” Also, The Creative Glow recommended cutting off the entire stem and spray painting both the base and the spoons before gluing. After painting the piece, I still see a lot of the cardboard base ad wish I had covered the edges so that it didn’t look obvious that the base is made of cardboard. But overall, I was happy, 6 out of 10 with this first attempt. I learned a lot and it didn’t cost me a lot. Just $7.50 in spoons and a couple dollars of pain which I still have tons left over. The mirror is not permanently a fixed and the cardboard was free.

Photo Gallery of Spoon Mirror Project (1st Attempt)

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