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Memorial for Shane

10308325_10151998755052000_1232834885385341655_nMay 21, 2014 – Today, I lost my Soul Sister, Shane. I have written about her countless times on my blogs. What we had was special and I want to cherish it forever, and so I have created this page as a way to remember her forever. When I look back at our life in the Herndon townhouse, it was like a comedy sitcom, almost like a version of “Three’s Company.” The three of us shared a passion for food, fitness, personal and professional growth. The three of us were on the same wavelength about personal growth and life. It was our time and we were going to win at anything we set our mind to.

I will never forget the first day I met Shane. My mother introduced us when Shane worked at the front desk of our Herndon office. Mom often talked about Shane when I lived in California. When I finally met her,  Shane was bubbly,  cheerful and always wearing something colorful and fun. She had a warm smile and an even warmer hug. Her real name was Shanequa, but she went by “Shane” at work. She and I shared so much in common. We shared the same birth month,  both lived in Herndon in the early 90s, we loved the same music, and we both wanted to focus on becoming better versions of ourselves. We both also had the same wicked sense of humor. I remember her driving to my parents house to grab my elliptical trainer. I was giving it away so she borrowed her brother Mel’s red truck to pick it up from me. I couldn’t help myself “You know that this sitution reminds me of?” And I started singing the theme song to “Sanford & Son.” She and I broke out into uncontrollable laughter.  She would make cracks about Indian people (I’m Indian) and often times it was too funny and too true not to laugh. She would come to my desk at work to ask how to pronounce Indian names. I would always give her a hard time about it but honestly, I struggled with some names myself. We always were lunch buddies to meet the minimum $ order when we called into Spice Town.  “2 Blackened Chicken Caesar Salads. One with Two Dressings on the side, One with no dressing.” We ordered it so often, the operators at Spice Town knew it was us!

When I leased my first apartment, Shane would come over after work to wait for the traffic to die down on her long commute to Woodbridge.  She loved looking at my health magazines and photos and music. I loved to cook things for her and pretty soon discovered that she was crazy for my turkey meatballs :-)  It was at that same time Solomon and I were getting serious. They hit it off immediately and he absolutely loved her and she, him. The jokes were non stop!   I remember the day Sol said “I’m not into having a lot of roommate but if Shane would agree, I would be down with the three of us living together.” Coincidentally, she had told me the exact same thing about him earlier that day.

The three of us moved into a townhouse rental in Herndon. Sometimes things were cramped but we always managed to find a way to make it work. Our workroom had a study desk for each of us and pretty soon she was spending the weekends with us studying. We would all hop into the old Ford Explorer to eat a late dinner at Amphora’s after a long day of studying for certs/learning new technologies. She introduced me to many of her family and friends while at the townhouse and it made for some wonderful memories. It was such a special time in our lives. Anything she needed, I had her back. Anytime I needed to vent or needed a caring ear/shoulder, she was there. We cried together, laughed together and I was convinced we’d grow old together.

I loved Shane like a sister and she made me part of her family. She saw something in me and I in her. She will never know how much she meant to me, and how much she was a part of my healing process. She called me her Soul Sister. I believed we were both destined to grow together and had dreams of having our own minority woman owned business together.

Her name brings back so many wonderful memories and though I carry this pain in my heart, I refuse to let her memory go. After losing her it was hard to make friendships. It all seemed so unfair.

A loving daughter and grand daughter. A sister who was always there for her family. An angel taken too soon.

I shall never forget you my sweet Soul Sister. Shanequa ❤

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The Shrine of Shane

I keep these so that no matter what I can always see her. I still tell her all my secrets, my fears and wishes. She is just a click away.

Work Photos I collected of Shane

Facebook Photos I collected of Shane

YouTube Video

Thank you Zak & Magda

This was her. Always smiling, sweet, witty and gorgeous.


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  1. Carey says:

    That was beautiful. So glad to have met you through her. And now we are mamas, who can tell our babies about their guardian angel Auntie Nequa

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