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Favorite Cartoon Drawings

As I was packing, I came across some of my favorite art pieces. Here they are and a brief description of each.


Sonic the Hedgehog

This piece is one of my all time favoites. I gave it to my brother to hang in his room while he was a kid. He kingly returned it to me once he outgrew it. Love this one.

Spnic the Hedgehog by

Sonic the Hedgehog by Gita –  1995

 Manga Character Drawing #2

This was the first time I explored using oil pastels. I had intended on this being a practice piece, otherwise I wouldn’t have made it on newsprint. I liked it so much I kept it with me favorites album – 1998

Purple Mangna Character - Oil Pastel on Newsprint - 06-1997-by Gita

Oil Pastel on Newsprint – By Gita – 1998

















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