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Gita’s Fashion Sketches – by Gita Year 1995

When I was 15, I purchased my first Vogue Spring collection magazine and started to fall in love with fashion. The superthick Spring Edition smelled of perfumes from Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Gucci. The photography was beautiful and the models were just stunning. I started drawing using the magazine ads as inspiration. After a few copies, I started to add my own addition and “improvements” and had a ton of fun doing it. This was actually an important point for me artistically because I was becoming more and more comfortable with drawing the human form. Although I started to understand how to draw what I saw and what I could imagine, I was really only using a #2B school pencil and a couple crayola colored pencils.  My artwork lacked a realistic depth. A couple of friends in school thought my fashion drawings were good an encouraged me to draw out comic book ideas. Believe it or not, drawing all these anatomically incorrect super models made for an easy transition to anatomically incorrect comic book characters.  When I outgrew the comic book phase, I returned to figure drawing and explored Graphite Pencils which started to take my work toward a more photo realistic direction.


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