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Medium Graphite Pencils – Derwent Graphic 12

Derwent Art PencilsI couldn’t tell you how many boxed of graphite pencils I have gone through since college. Even though I love digital art, it usually begins with a sketch of some sort. Some days, I just want to doodle on paper. Often times, those doodles make it into the scanner and end up finalized in Illustrator.

But it all begins with a rough sketch. And this basic 12 set is the perfect give for an artist. This set will provide you all the different graphite shades to create an amazing shading effect. It comes in a lovely and durable tin box I also recommend purchasing a good 



Some of my Graphite Pencil Sketches

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 Get Inspired: YouTube Videos by Incredible Artist

Graphite or Pencil Drawing Techniques by Drawing and Painting Tutorials –

 Here is a great introductory video on basic shading techniques for graphite pencil drawing.  I can say from experience that this is a common exercise in most beginner level graphite pencil books.

Here is a great speed tutorial by Juan Solorzano. In this video he demonstrates and explains how to draw photo realistic eye using medium graphite pencils. Of course he makes it look super simple, but if you keep up with this hobby, you will be surprised how soon you can get there.

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