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Rainbow Glossy Fish – Acrylic Painting on Canvas – by Gita


While creating Chicken Pig Cow Fish (CPCF) I had to redo FISH. The reason was that I wanted all four pieces to have a similar style. This fish has some very fluid and blended areas that I really enjoy looking at. This effect was achieved by allowing layers to dry before adding another layer. I also added water to the Liquitex paint to give it  more fluidity. It was also my first experiment with adding touches of white to make fish look glossy.



Rainbow Glossy Fish
by Gita
Acrylic on 13X13 Canvas

A closer look at my favorite “rainbow glossy” sections. I would love to make more pieces with this look.



Even though the Rainbow Glossy Fish didn’t make it into the final CPCF collection, I have displayed this piece in my office at work. The bright colors just make me happy :-) I hope you enjoy this piece too!

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