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Gita’s love of Japanese Styles Cartoon Style

I remember drawing and painting Super Mario over and over again when I was in elementary school. The Japanese animations style is distinct and recognizable, just as one would immediately recognize the DC Comic or Marvel Comic style. I immediately took to the style of these curiously adorable characters. I can’t always follow the strange story lines of the cartoons or comics themselves but I love the style and gradient details. While cleaning out some files I found some old pieces of Japanese style art that I made around the age of 17.
Mangna Styled Character - Pencil on Notebook Paper - 04-1996-by Gita

This one is one that I am very proud of. I was still new to oil pastels when I made this. It is still one of my favorite pieces. I wish I hadn’t made it on newsprint, it is a bit delicate!

Purple Mangna Character - Oil Pastel on Newsprint - 06-1997-by Gita

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