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Digital Airbrushing – Practicing how to airbrush with a step by step guide

Digital Character Design and Painting (Charles River Media Graphics)
by Don Seegmiller


This book has had a tremendous influence on my love of digital airbrushing. My hand drawing skills were good, and I had created several elaborate pen & ink drawings as a teenager. I needed more guidance with actually coloring in those pieces. After college I purchased this book and cd combo at the same time that I purchased my first digital tablet, the Wacom Intuos4 Extra Large Pen Tablet. I not only learned tricks and techniques in Corel Painter, I also gained tons of hands on experience with using color and layering. This book contains several interesting projects and great step by step instruction on how to develop the layers. To demonstrate this point, here is an example of how I followed along with the book to create the “Heven and Hell” project in Chapter 12 (page 305).


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Although I have never airbrushed in real life, I gained a real appreciation for this art. To the experience more true to life, I later added the Digital Airbrush for the Wacom INTUOS Tablet. This pen has the look and feel of a real airbrush pen. There is even a wheel to control the “flow” of paint as with the real deal.  It is a splurge, but it is incredibly responsive and simulates a very realisting airbrushed look

Wacom Intuos4 Digital Art Tablet


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