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Slow Cooker Moroccan Chicken – Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauce

Campbells Moroccan Chicken Sauce


While at the grocery store one day, I came across a new item on display. It was the Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauce Collection. Since there was a special deal for two, I grabbed the Moroccan Chicken and the Applewood Pulled Pork.

Thanks to the good shelf life, I was able to use the Moroccan sauce on an emergency day when we had a snow storm in December. The instructions were simple, 2 lb  of chicken (thighs preferred and one packet of this wet sauce. That’s it. No water no nothing! I set the slow cooker to 4 Hours and prepared a plain Couscous with olive oil and salt. The dinner was a hit with both the Sasquatch and our roomy. 

My only nit pick is that there isn’t a lot of sauce in the end. I would prepare this with two packets instead of one considering we only used 1 lb of chicken tenders (not even thighs) and the sauce was enough to coat the chicken, but not a whole lot more than that.




Other than that I am excited to try the other flavors. 



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