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Certifications: Microsoft MOS Certifications – Getting Certified!


It is time to get the I am certifiably awesome in MOS. I have been using the product for years and have been taking classes online through various training/online ed sites. This page helps me keep track of the goals and helps me plan out what needs to be accomplished in order to achieve the ultimate goal …  GET CERTIFIED

There are different levels of certification for :

  • Specialist : Demonstrate that you have the skills needed to get the most out of Microsoft Office by earning a Microsoft Office Specialist certification in a specific Office program
  • Expert  : Demonstrate that you have advanced skills in key Office programs by earning a Microsoft Office Specialist Expert certification
  • Master : Demonstrate that you have the deepest level of skills needed to proficiently use Office programs by earning a Microsoft Office Specialist Master certification.

After reviewing all three I decided that the Master level certification is the one that is right for me. In short, the Master level certification requires that I earn all the Expert Certs for


I have been  using these products for years and have been using these products at an advanced level from work I have done in Proposal Development, Business Development, SharePoint Administration. And as demonstrated in some of my videos, I also have a great command of how to use PowerPoint, especially for animations.



Pace: Moderate  – Earn ALL certifications NLT Dec 2014
Pass 1 Certification Exam per month

* Excel 2010 – November
* SharePoint 2010 – December
* Word – February
* PowerPOint – March

Pace: Aggressive: Earn ALL certifications NLT June 31 2013

Study for Excel, Word, PowerPoint simultaneously and pass the exams for each by June 31. Between November & December, study for Sharepoint exam and sit for the exam in early December with an opportunity to retake within December if needed

* Excel 2010 – March 31
* Word –  April 31
* PowerPoint  – May 31
* SharePoint 2010 – June 31


Study & Test Prep 

In order to earn the entire Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Master

Excel 2010

Classes & Tutorials for Excel 2010

Certification 888 Exam Prep 

Other Books/Study Materials


SharePoint 2010

Classes & Tutorials for SharePoint 2010


  • LESSON 6: SharePoint 2010 Development Training :- My Online Training | Train Signal – In Progress


PowerPoint 2010

Classes & Tutorials for SharePoint 2010


Word 2010

Classes & Tutorials for Word 2010


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