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Private Journal | Automating Business Development Reporting using Macros & SharePoint

Background: As I monitored how long it takes me to PREPARE reports vs. how much time I spend in analysis, I realized that that I was spending the lions share in the PREPARATION process. My reality check came with I realized that it this manual process was the main reason I was stressed, overworked and overwhelmed. This manually drudge work is a pain in the neck (literally). But  reports are a necessity. As I have noticed more mid sized government contracts are being scooped up by large companies and investment firms, the requirement of constant reporting has become a nuisance that everyone in a BD organization would prefer to not have to do. Worst yet, the time it takes to prepare and review the reports takes another chunk of valuable time away from all who have a reporting responsibility.
An interesting turn of events seemed to culminate recently, and it all led me to a little known secret, that is the key to my next very important project. It has to do with Excel and automation. The purpose is to reduce the least important/most important duty of reporting. The benefits will not be mine alone, they will be shared among my colleagues and most important, my boss. It will change the way we work, and how we interact. It will be a model for transparency within the organization and will fulfill requirements for the documentation necessary to meet and perhaps even exceed CMMI and ISO requirements.
The problem I am about to solve is not unique to my current organization. It is a problem I have noticed at all the IT contractor I work for in the past. It has taken me up until this past month to finally realize the solution. It  will require my knowledge of SharePoint, Excel Services, Excel 2010, Macros, VBA, Automation, Object Oriented Programming. In truth this will make my job obsolete, and bring forth the need for a different role that require a unique set of skills that I will demonstrate through the successful development and production of the New Business Development Dashboard on SharePoint. For now, I need a better name for this dashboard.
My Hopes and Dreams for this Project
* I want this solution to
          * Cut down on the reporting process to make it less painful for everyone involved
          * Provide my boss with a one stop shop where he can access real time info about the pipeline and the metrics at are most             meaningful to him.
           * Provide Kinga and Fleur a stess free way for gathering, reporting and presenting important information for their areas              of responsibility
          * Provide a secure work space for Kirk, Kinga and Fleur that to cut down on unnecessary email and loss of version                          control
          * Make it easier for Kinga and Fleur to focus on the non reporting responsibilities
          * I want to EARN $100k per year
          * I want a Top Secret Security Clearance
          * I want recognition


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