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Sunset Wine Pairing – 2011 Laroche Chardonnay de la Chevaliere, Languedoc, with Biscuit-topped chicken potpies










The doorbell rang and a signature was required! Hurray! The delivery came for June came! We were just discussing how we should each take turns making hot meals when I signed up to make this recipe next! Only, it became more of  Solita thing which is always somehow better :-)   This was so different and so summery that we didn’t want to wait. Shane was close by to approved of the menu but didn’t get to enjoy the pot pie until a few days later. But have no fear, Arnab was here! He chilled with us as we prepared the feast. There is a lot of prep work required for this recipe, but it was awesome making it as a team.  With each pot pie prepared in single serve bowls this was a very handy meal that made for out of this WORLD LA-LISHOUS  leftovers when reheated in a convection oven and then topped with cold salted butter.

Since we couldn’t get to the grocery store until about 5PM on  Saturday, we chose to hit the easy button on a couple items in this recipes. For example we opted to use a Harris Teeter Ready Made Whole Rotisserie Chicken to save time on baking a chicken from scratch. I pulled off the breast meat and shredded it by hand.  Cutting meat into cubes didn’t have the same feeling of home made. We used frozen peas and carrots and the rest was prepared as the recipe instructed.

The salad was only slightly “FAIL” as we couldn’t keep an attention span long enough to prevent the pine nuts from burning instead of roasting in the oven … BOTH times. Even still the Asparagus Summer Salad   was very delicious and will certainly make an appearance in a future meal.

We didn’t go with the black and white cookies, and substituted for Pistachio Gelato from Talenti’s along with a light and creamy mousse cake from the Harris Teeter Bakery. My camera was out during the preparation but I did manage to get in a few seconds of film as seen in the gallery shots.

The Chardonnay was PERFECT with this meal. It was mellow with delightful flavor that vanished leaving only a pleasantly neutral pallet behind, ready for the next delicious bite of the buttery pot pie. This was actually one of my favorite Chardonnays of all time. I think it would also be a great pairing for spicy food such as a spicy butter chicken or other creamy curry.


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