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Best Cornbread Recipe!


Plain Cornbread - The first time I ever made this wonderful recipe.

This was the first time I made cornbread using this recipe. It was an instant hit with my family. One taste, and they put me in charge of cornbread at this year’s thanksgiving!

I found this recipe on posted by BETHANYWEATHERSBY. I absolutely love this recipe and have a saved a screenshot in the gallery at the bottom of this post just in case the recipe link goes missing. At first I was a bit concerned with the temperature of the skillet when adding the eggs but it wasn’t an issue. The only thing is that in my version I took the skillet from the stove top to the oven rather than using a seperate pan. The cornbread cooked a lot faster, more like 25 minutes rather than 30-40 mins. This is especially good when made the day before you intend to serve the cornbread. It gets more moist. In my version, I did not transfer the batter to a pan. The skillet went from the stove top to the oven as it should to get all that wonderful cast iron skillet flavor.

Tips: If your cornbread comes out looking a bit dry, try cutting thin slices of butter on the cornbread and cover with a large pot lid while the skillet it still hot. Uncover after at least 15 minutes, or until the skillet has cooled. The butter will melt into the cornbread giving it extra moisture and any excess will drip to the edges which will help release the cornbread from the skillet or pan.

Cornbread Recipe – Variations

1st Time:| Followed the Recipe – The first time I made this recipe, I made it as directed. The cornbread seemed a bit dry the first day but was PERFECT the second day after spending the night wrapped in plastic wrap and placed on the cool kitchen counter. 

2nd Time | Cornbread with Sweet Corn Kernels – Upon request, I added 1 cup of frozen corn (thawed) into the batter just before the skillet went into the oven. The requester was very pleased with the results. In the third version, I added the 1 cup of corn, and thin slices of jalapeno pepper to the top of the batter. Again, a success! See photos in the gallery for mouth watering proof!

3rd Time | Cornbread with Sweet Corn Kernels & Jalapenos – This time I added thin slices of fresh jalapeno pepper on top of half the prepared cornbread batter just before the skillet went into the oven. My spice loving sister and I enjoyed this version! But I think next time I will also add chopped pieces of pepper into the batter. Maybe a quick shot of cayenne power. The sweetness is perfect and the 1 cup of sweet corn added the perfect flavor and texture. Since I was serving the same day as baking, I added thin slices of butter on top of the cornbread as soon as it came out of the oven, and covered with lid. when I was ready to serve the cornbread it was incredibly moist and delicious. An added bonus was that the extra butter creeped between the cornbread and the skillet which helped release the cornbread onto the platter.   


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