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LEDWholesalers – Excellent Customer Experience

Having years of customer service experience ranging from inside sales /call center to Best Buy, to Financial Advisor / Stock Broker I can’t help but note the experience I have when dealing with so called “Customer Support.” There is  saying that when you have a good experience, you tell one of your friends, and when you have a bad experience, you tell 10 of your friends.

It’s time to give a shout out to those who deserve the Excellence in Customer Service Award on!

1) I will not tell them that I have a blog or am “judging” their communication with me. This will assure that they treat me just like another other person who is just looking for support

2) If I have a great experience, I will make a blog documenting the experience and put them on my favorite vendor’s list.

3) After the experience is complete, I will give them a link to my post, and thank them for their excellent support.

4) I will write a very positive online review for that vendor with a link to my experience on this site for those who want details of my project and the way they handled my issue.




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