(First Ever) IKEA Project – Geeked Out – Wall Mount with LED Light Backed Glass Panels

The completed units, Mounted TV in the apartment.

The completed units, Mounted TV in the apartment.

This is how it all started! It was 2011, I was living in my first apartment and I didn’t have much furniture. I did have a TV that migrated from floor, to dresser, to one of those slim tables that goes on the back of a sofa. I needed an entertainment unit on a budget and I wasn’t really liking anything in a showroom. I wanted clean lines, and was moving more toward modern. I went to furniture showrooms in every price range and was not at all quick to make a decision, as I was on a budget and pieces had to be purchased one at a time if you know what I mean. After I found a great deal on a Neutral Toned Microfiber Couch, and a classing oval dining room with chair that also had neutral colored fabric, I was ready to get the TV and stereo situation taken care of. Here were my requirements

Need List

  1. A unit that holds my old LCD 40″ TV
  2. A place to conceal TV Component (DVR, Game Console, Stereo Amp  for future speaker systems)
  3. A Dark Wood Unit to match existing furniture in the Living Room Dining Room area

Wish List

  1. I wish the  TV to be MOUNTED on the wall unit instead of standing on the unit with a pedestal
  2. I wish I could add an element of LED in the background and underneath the unit (Remote Controlled)
  3. Lights underneath the unit because it would look cool

Not only were all my NEEDS met, I got everything on my wishlist! We did have to make modifications to the unit which lead to other genius product purchases such as a cooling plate that prevents the electronics in the cabinet from overheating. I also discovered a simple way hook up three electronic items (LED LIGHTS, and 2 plug in Wall Sconces) on one remote control .

Those details to come! Here is a photo gallery of the completed project. It is important to note that when I moved to a townhouse and got a bigger TV to replace the broken one, I reused all the pieces in this unit to build a new concept entertainment center for the Large TV Entertainment Center Project  and Ikea Lighted Wall Unit.





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