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Sunset Wine Pairing – 2009 Baileyana Firepeak Cuvee Chardonnay with Halibut Packets with Coconut Almond Rice

It has been a busy few weeks with all the fun and chaos that make up this wonderful life that we live!
It is time to take a breath and enjoy another one of our Sunset Wine Pairings. I consulted Chef Sol, and he agrees that our next pairing should be with one of the white wines from Sunset Wine Club.

Looking through the delicious cards that accompany each wine, we loved the sound of Halibut Packets with Coconut Almond Rice.  We are shooting for Saturday night but it would also make a wonderful Sunday dinner! To wet our appetites until the weekend when we will prepare this menu, I am posting it on the site, ready to go!

Stay tuned for the results. As always, screenshots of the recipes and wine description come from Sunset Wine Club!












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