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Mother’s Day – 2013 – Something BEAUTIFUL, Something FUNNY and Something NEW

Preparing for the Special Day 

The pillows were fluffed, my homemade wreath was hung on the front door. For Mother’s Day 2013, I wanted the day to be filled with  Beauty, Laughter, and New Experiences. I had put a completion deadline for one week before Mother’s Day for many of my home decorating projects. I wanted the place to be colorful and beautiful, even though it is a constant work in progress. Thankfully everything was ready for the day :-)  Even my Spring Tulip Wreath project was done ahead of time, but I wanted to wait until Mother’s Day to finally put it on the door so that I would always remember it as the Mother’s Day wreath. The theme continued inside the house. I couldn’t wait for mom to notice the new pillow cushions. I had not shown her my tutorial video yet and was excited to share the experience with her. I also filled the Kitchen island with colorful ingredients and real tulips I selected to make her a custom flower arrangement.

I waited until Mother's Day to put my Spring Wreath on the Door.

I waited until Mother’s Day to put my Spring Wreath on the Door.

My Spring Inspired Pillow Covers for the Living Room

My Spring Inspired Pillow Covers for the Living Room

The island in the kitchen. So Springy and Happy!

The island in the kitchen. So Springy and Happy!

Planning the Meal – Trying New Things

The chicken came out looking quite promising!

The Herbed Chicken Tenders turned out nice!

I wanted to make sure Mom had a say in her special day. I was prepared to orchestrate a  full  feast for Mom, but surprisingly, she wanted something that was rather simple and light. I sometimes forget that for Mom, American food IS FOREIGN. It is a treat for her. When you mostly eat Indian food at home, that is your NORMAL, but I wanted the day to be special. So, Mom described a salad that she likes from a local restaurant. It worked out perfectly, because I had been storing away a recipe for Herb Chicken Nuggets from I just adapted it by using chicken tender cuts rather than smaller pieces as the recipe called for to create nuggets. I was actually very happy with Mom’s choice because  it was healthy and light and would not result in having to take an afternoon nap (although I had the air mattress handy just in case!).  This was also the perfect meal to have mom try one of my favorite home made Salad Dressings, Champagne Vinaigrette.  Chicken tenders  go great with dipping sauces, so of course I had to break out the  Elki Gourmet – Caramelized Onion Whipped Mustard Spread & Dip! Is there anything this dressing doesn’t taste good on?

Dessert  #1 – Front Porch Nana’s Banana Pudding Ice Cream with Sugar Free Caramel Topping

When I asked mom what she would like for dessert, she said “Ice Cream with some kind of topping … like caramel or pineapple.”  A plain vanilla would not do for this occasion  so this was the perfect opportunity for Mom to sample Front Porch – Nana’s Banana Pudding Ice Cream. I am not a huge fan of banana, the fruit. But I am BANANAS for this ice cream! I also chose one of my favorite Sugar Free Caramel Toppings to go on top of the ice cream. I didn’t tell her it was Sugar Free, but I could tell she really liked it!

 I had to let Mom know about Nana's Banana Pudding Ice Cream! Mom likes caramel topping on her ice cream. I wanted her to try out one of my favorite Sugar Free varieties. I could tell she liked it but I didn't tell her it was Sugar Free :-)


Dessert  #2 – A Trip Down Memory Lane, and Magnum Gold Mini Ice Cream Bars


Mom and I both remember how happy we would both get to see the Good Humor truck when I was a child living in my parent’s first apartment. The memory of hot summer days of climbing trees, going to the pool, riding bikes and playing kick ball are sweetened only by the memory of the taste of Good Humor Ice Creams. If there is an official sound to summer, it should  be that of children laughing, and the friendly tune played by the Good Humor Ice Cream truck, getting louder and louder to let us know that is was soon approaching  our block. You could hear children rush to their homes screaming “ICE CREAM TRUCK!”  A few coins afforded a cool delicious treat and a smile for the rest of the afternoon. My mom would always come down too … looking back at it, she was only a kid herself. She was younger than I am today, and she was my buddy in these silly experiences that made up a childhood I wouldn’t trade for anything.  She would always get the simple, vanilla ice cream with the light, crackly coating of chocolate.  I would try just about every kind of ice cream and candy on the truck over the course of my childhood, but she stuck to this one. At that time, it was one of the best ice creams in the world for us. Now that we live in a world filled with endless variety and premium brands, there are some products worth holding sharing. New products come and go,

Mom requested ice cream for dessert. I had to have Mom try these Magnum Gold Mini's!

I had to let Mom in on these Magnum Gold Mini’s!

but I hope that the Magnum Gold Ice Creams stay for a long time. It was the memory of my Mom’s Good Humor Favorite that made me choose Magnum Gold for dessert option #2  for Mother’s Day. Thankfully Magnum is a company that creates a smaller size for their ice creams. It is the perfect size for people who believe in moderation, or when there are two desserts on the menu :-) Why not… IT’S MOTHER’s DAY!


While I prepared the meal, mom and I chatted quite a bit about everything! After the meal, I showed her some of my favorite links on the Funny! pages of my site. We both got some great laughs.

I will always remember this day …

I love you mommy :-)

I love you mommy :-)

Life can change on you in a second. Things can be going smoothly and then a bump can really set things off. I have always had my Mom to talk to and guide me whenever I hit one of those bumps on this road we call life. My Mom and I have always had an open relationship with each other. Sometimes she has had to hear things that she really didn’t wants to hear, but she always listened because her relationship to me meant a lot to her. And I kept talking because, well that is what I do, and I hadn’t really found anything that made my mom crumble. She was always the first to know about a boy crush during school days.  She would sing and dance along to songs I blasted from my bedroom. I would always find her and her smiling face in a huge crowd of parents at choir concerts in school. Her smile and gentleness make her easy to talk to. She has this lovable childlike quality to her that shines through every time she smiles. Hearing her laugh makes me want to make her laugh more.  Hearing her say things like “The bomb” makes me laugh like crazy, so I teach her other slang phrases. In honesty, when I was planning this day with mom, I started to get upset because I felt that she wasn’t letting me really do enough for her on Mother’s Day. There are not a lot of people who I fuss over, or stress about before they come over to my little world that I call home.  Mom is always worth fussing over. Whenever I could come to see her from out of town she would have made a feast fit for an queen plus an army, and had this amazing way of making it all look so easy. There are so many little amazing things about my mom that I can’t find words for. Like the story of the Good Humor Ice Cream, it lives in my mind and heart as short movie clips…  bright and clear like I am standing there, in that place, in that time, watching. It is a feeling that no greeting card or a  photo or even a piece of artwork has been able to capture. And that is because it is more than words, it is a feeling. So I guess I will just keep loving her as much as I  and enjoying that feeling for as long as I can. I love you Mom :-)


Me & Mommy - Mother's Day 2013

Me & Mommy – Mother’s Day 2013





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