Five Guys Review – OH MY DAYUM – AutoTune

I found this video through my brother, NS. He had just consumed a delicious Five Guys Burger and said that he felt like this guy ….
Why this gentleman was giving a review of his cheeseburger in his car… who knows? All I know is that I love the song, it is catchy and I love his passion for good food. My roomie Shane and I sing this a lot LOL

Here is the scoop. A YouTube user by the name of “Dayum Drops” did a review on his Five Guy’s Burger Meal (see Original Dayum Drops Review of Five Guys). Then the YouTube sensation “schmoyoho” auto tuned the food review to create a hilarious and memorable song that, in my opinion, should be the official theme song to Five Guys Burgers (see the autotuned video below called  “OH MY DAYUM – NOW ON iTUNES” ).

Caution: May cause severe cravings for Five Guys :-) Do not watch if you are currently on a Five Guys restricted diet. Everyone else, ENJOY!


Original Dayum Drops Review of Five Guys 




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