IKEA – Custom Kitchen Juice Bar with Stainless Steel Top

The Old Bar

I gave it a shot be my awesome Craigslist purchase that worked in the apartment was not working out in the townhouse. It clashed against the beautiful and functional white unit that we built just a few months earlier.

I love my craigslist purchase but it is just not working in the new rental.

I love my sturdy butcher block that I purchased through Craigslist . But it is just not working in the new rental. It lacks the storage capacity we need and the counter space required to get DOWN in the kitchen like we do!


The New Bar

That is more like it! We took an IKEA set and changed out the top with a stainless steel option to create this cool looking and very functional mini bar and storage. Stay tuned for more pics and details!

2013-01-07 08.11.20

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