IKEA – Huge Kitchen Storage Solution with LED lights

New Kitchen, New Storage Issues

I was excited to move out of the apartment and into a townhouse rental. One of the compromises was going to be the kitchen. I got all the basics that I needed, it had gas and it had working refrigerator, dishwasher and an island as a bonus. However, there was some serious storage issues. Although there was a tiny pantry, I found this new kitchen did not have nearly the same storage space as the apartment kitchen. I was surprised that my Craigslist purchases of the hutch and butcher block were not enough and were not providing the storage I needed. Oh yeah, did I mention there is no garage where I can store my cake pans like I did in the apartment. It was time to build a solution that would be functional with a touch of GEEKINESS! There is a project video coming, but until then, enjoy the gallery :-)



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