IKEA – Extra large entertainment unit with Led Lights – Still somewhat in progress

So my LCD TV died and I was looking for a replacement. Since the new townhouse had a larger space in for a TV I decided to explore my options and found an amazing deal on an Open Box TV at Best Buy. This one was the demo that was on the wall. The price was a STEAL and I had every GEEK in that Best Buy drooling (at the TV) as it was carted out in a friends SUV! I guess the TV Gods were looking out for me on this deal. :-)

When my friends helped me get it up to the living room, it dwarfed my existing entertainment unit. So I saved up and decided to design a custom solution that used the parts from my old unit to create a new custom one. This would ensure that I didn’t have to drill holes into the back of the unit like the the old one, and it kept the cost of the project low compared to starting a new project all together or buying a heavy furniture piece as is.

I have a video coming up for this project but until then, enjoy the gallery!

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