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Kitchen Decor Using – “Chicken Pig Cow Fish” and

Custom Home Goods from Zazzle using My Digital Art

Update: 04/01/2013

If you look under ART > Digital Art In Progress you will find the blog / journals for “Chicken, Pig, Cow, Fish”  (CPCF). This is a digital artwork that I created using PhotoShop and will soon paint onto four 13 X 13 canvases using acrylic paint. Until then, I have been looking around at what else I can do to recreate this theme onto other product, and then I thought of ZAZZLE. I recall that allows you to make custom shirts and other home goods and originally went there to see how “CPCF” would look on an apron. I was surprised to find all the other cool items that Zazzle has added for customization. If you have a photo or scanned image of your art,  you can upload it to Zazzle and view a mock up of what it would look like printed on their customizable products.

All I did was upload my digital image of CPCF and move the placement around on the screen so that it fit in different ways. Check out some of these items I customized! The photos below are screenshots of what the final products might look like if I place the order. Right now I don’t have the funds to purchase all this stuff, but at least I have these cool screenshots to keep me tempted! By the way, Zazzle offers gift cards... just saying :-)


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