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Sunset Wine Club – Rhiannon Red Wine Blend – Paired with Red Wine and Onion Braised Brisket

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Another delicious Sunset Wine Pairing Dinner! After a successful first attempt with the Ancient Peaks Merlot – Spiced Lamb Chop Meal , we set out for another pairing meal, this time using the Rhiannon Red Wine Blend. The wine came with a recipe card pairing suggestion which included (Click on names for full recipe from Sunset Wine Club’s Website)

We ended up hitting the easy button and preparing just the briket. We purchased ready made red russet mashed potatoes from Wholefoods, and I prepared my classic spinach and romaine supreme Caesar salad. We also had a French baguette to help hold us over as we waited for the brisket to be prepared.


DELICIOUS! The wine had a distinct plum flavor which added a delicious and complex flavor to the onions. We almost forgot all about the horseradish! On our second helping, we added the horseradish to the side and it added yet another level of delicious and complex flavor to the meal. Even if you are not a fan of horseradish, please at least try some on the side with the brisket. You will not be sorry! We used Boar’s Head brand Horseradish (pictured in the photo gallery).


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