IKEAHACKERS – How to paint your own rug

I have been having trouble finding the perfect rug for my living room. I am so over the traditional oriental/arabesque patterns that you can find anywhere. I have actually fallen in love with modern, simple large pattern rugs but have found that they come with quite a price tag. I cannot commit to spending hundreds on a rug that may not stand the test of time (or that may not be the right color once delivered) Then, I somehow found myself on IKEAHACKERS website (yet again) and found JUST the thing! Paint your own rug starting with a plain rug from Ikea or other online retailer.  This is an inexpensive option that you can customize. The results are incredible! As for me, I was ready to make this project but ended up finding a steal at Target for a rug that met my needs, but I have a feeling that I will be doing this project in the future :-)

IkeaHack – How to Paint your own rug



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