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Adventures of the Traveler | The Secret Behind the Waterfall – Passage to ….

I sat here trying to think about what to write without sounding like a complete mental case. I have been keeping this to myself afraid of what others might think of me. Certainly some would say, “She has a wild imagination.” But I believe that is the best explanation that people can give, who have never experience what I have experienced; the inspiration to this and future art pieces. I totally admit to being conscious when I have come up with previous artwork ideas. But this, is a bit difficult to explain. In short. I had a dream. A peaceful world with beautiful, secret places and passages. Although I first “saw” this place in a lucid dream, something inside me tells me I was seeing this through someone else’s eyes, like watching a recorded video of a vacation. I can’t explain it and honestly it gives me chills to even write this down. I first came to this place about 45 minutes into a meditative state. When I came out of the state, I felt vibrant tingles through my body and I hurried to write down what I had seen, afraid that I might forget.

But I have not. The words were not enough, and so I decided to draw a storyboard of what I saw. There was a person/being who was part of it all. I call this person/being, “The Traveler.” There was also a source of knowledge that I tapped into, again, I am not sure who or what it was. The closest description I can come up with is a combination of conscious, instinct and intuition. I call it “The Source.” It was what guided me to this place. It is the voice from within that told me I was safe. And when I felt myself come out of the meditative state, I asked the Source ” Wait! Will I ever come back here again” to which it replied with a confident “Yes.” And I did in fact return there in a future meditation.

I do not consider myself to be “special” in any way other than the way that my mom and dad think I am special. This was not a journey induced by any sort of intoxication. In fact, it was early in the morning, I hadn’t eaten since the night before. Whatever it was, however I got “there” it has changed me. I look at some of the other art pieces that I have done and it is clear where/how they were inspired. Sure, we are often inspired by movies and art from others. Certainly some of what I experienced could be a subconscious part of that. But is it possible that others have experienced what I have experienced, and have captured those experiences through art? I am not sure, but instead of spending time to try to answer that, I have decided instead to share my experience through my art. Some of my other pieces such as the Plateau, have been incomplete and I have tried very hard to figure out the missing piece. After the visits to this place/time/state of mind I have the missing pieces, and now it is just a matter of time to record them.

But first,
Here is the storyboard so far of the Traveler’s visit to the Secret entrance behind the waterfall.

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