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Background Story

I purchased a Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine in 2009 but never really had a chance to use it until recently. After several years of sitting in the box, I finally had an opportunity, and the interest, to open up the box and learn to use it. It took me a few hours over the course of a week to figure out how to set it up but it was actually very easy. I decided that since spring was here, I wanted to create colorful pillow cushions for the white leather chairs in the living room. I found some great ideas through Google Images. The gallery at the bottom of this blog post contains photos I found online for inspiration.

So, I cleaned up a corner of the storage room and called it my craft corner. An old butcher block, which I had purchased from Craigslist a few years ago, had found a new life as my sewing/crafting table. I got it into the craft corner and found a comfy chair (medical stool) online and got cozy in my craft corner.

I didn’t know a lot about sewing at the time and immediately went to YouTube to find video tutorials on how to make pillow covers (See Reference YouTube Videos). I found the videos to be a good start but as a beginner, they went too fast and didn’t provide enough detail for an ultimate beginner like me. And so, I decided to branch the project out into an instructions sheet and a video tutorial of my adventure in making Envelope Pillow Covers.

Below you will find the illustrated instructions to measuring and preparing fabric to create  Envelope Pillow Cases for Euro Sized Pillow (24 x 24).

2013-05-08 09.02.45 

Illustrated Instructions for Envelope Pillow Cover

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Here is the video tutorial I created. It is about 13 minutes long but it moves slower and has more written instructions for the ultimate beginner. The music I used for the video is from the album 50 Chillout Tunes, Vol. 1 – Best of Ibiza Beach House Trance Summer 2012 Cafe Lounge & Ambient Classics. I purchased it on and previewed it for the first time while sewing the pillows.




Pillow Making Journal 

03/28/2013 – Purchased the Pillow Fabric

This is the cotton fabric I purchased with Chica LM

This is the cotton fabric I purchased with Chica LM

I finally figured out how to use my sewing machine and was ready to use it to make some awesome home decor! Spring is finally here and that means bright punchy colors! I have pillow forms  and would like to make pillow covers so that I can change the look and feel of my living room with the seasons. And pillow covers are a lot easier to store than entire pillow sets. I found YouTube videos that demonstrated how to make the pillow covers for 12 X 12 pillow and figured it would be very similar to make covers for larger Euro Pillow (24 x 24).

I went to the fabric store with my good friend “Chica LM” who recommended that I start out with cotton fabric. I washed and dried the fabric in laundry and then ironed the fabric before cutting it and starting on the sewing part. I shared the YouTube videos with LM beforehand, when discussing the dimensions of the pillow covers with her she suggested that I go against the YouTube videos which suggested adding only 1 ” to the length and width of the pillow in order to get the right fit for the pillow cover. I agreed and made note of dimensions and decided to create a neat little illustrated instruction sheet  to accompany the video tutorial  to share.

03/17/2013 – Learn to use the machine with an easier project

I have never used the sewing machine before and so I decided to make a pin cushion with inexpensive fabric as a test project to get the hang of the sewing machine before trying it on this more expensive cotton. This … was a good idea because I had a little trouble adjusting the sewing foot but learned a lot about the features of my machine, and so it was worth it!


 04/28/2013 – Progress has been slow — No Time for Pillow

Measure Twice, Cut Once :-)

Measure Twice …

Measure Twice, Cut Once :-)

… Cut Once :-)


These are the pieces needed for the pillow cases

These are the pieces needed for the pillow cases

Pin a 1/4" hem for the back pieces that form the opening for the pillow case envelope.

Pin a 1/4″ hem for the back pieces that form the opening for the pillow case envelope.


05/03/2013 – Two Completed Pillows – One Busted Machine

Today I carved out some time to finally complete the pillows! The fabric is cut and ready for me to hem and assemble together. I have some new music I want to  preview. I downloaded a 2 hour + MP3 from amazon

50 Chillout Tunes, Vol. 1 – Best of Ibiza Beach House Trance Summer 2012 Cafe Lounge & Ambient Classics and want to listen to it while I work on this. Craft projects are also a great time to preview new music.

Later that same day:

DONE! I am soooo happy with the results! This was actually a lot of fun! But there is some sad news.

I managed to get one Blue and one Pink Euro Pillow cover completed before my sewing machine made a horrible noise due to some sort of mechanical failure. At present, I have sent the machine out for evaluation, and I am awaiting an estimate to decide it’s fate. I have also identified a really nice replacement , if the repair shop comes back with an unreasonable estimate for repairing the machine.

Luckily the machine will live on in memory and in this video that I created during the creation of the pink and blue pillow covers.

While I wait to hear back from the machine, I think the living room walls could use some custom art to compliment the spring pillow … I smell another art project! Stay Tuned :-)

2013-05-08 09.05.59

2013-05-08 09.04.34


Reference YouTube Videos

I searched online for tutorials on pillow making and found two on YouTube that I really like (see links). Below that is a gallery of inspirational  photos I have collected from Google Images. If you mouse over the images, you will see the URL Source where the images originated from. I love the bright punchy color combinations! I will keep posting the progress!

I actually really had a lot of fun making these pillows. Sure I had to spread it out over several days, but there is something really wonderful about making something. I learned a lot along the way and hope to make more of these fun pillow covers in the future. I made this nifty little instruction sheet on how I made the Euro Pillow Cases. I am glad I didn’t listen to the YouTube video that said just to add 1 ” to the length and width because for a 24 X 24 pillow that is just not enough. Instead I added two inches and honestly could have gotten away with more. I also added 4″ to the length for the back pieces before splitting into two.


DIY Decorative Pillow

Reference Photos for Colorful Spring Pillows

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