Toas Mountain – Acrylic on Large Canvas

This is one of my favorite demonstrations of my artistic process. In the case of Toas Mountain, it all began with a photo I took with my Droid X phone while visiting Taos, New Mexico.

Toas, New Mexico Mountain. Photo taken by Gita using a Droid X phone.

This is an ink pen sketch I made on regular white paper.

This is an ink pen sketch I made on regular white paper.

Painting the mountain. Acrylic on Canvas - by Gita

I found a huge canvas at Michael’s and decided to go for it! I had so much fun painting the clouds in.


Toas Mountain – Painting in the Clouds


This was my first attempt at painting mountains and I ended up disappointed with the results since it looked nothing like my reference photo.


I wasn’t satisfied with the first attempt at the mountains, so I went back to studying the original reference photo and tried again. Here I covered the other mountains with dark acrylic paint. This time I was more conscious of the mountain shape. I painted in the silhouette and let it dry.

 Toas Mountain - Painting the mountains attempt 2

After the base dark silhouette paint dried, I went back into the painting carefully and added back details using the scraper and a variety of brushed. I went from darker paint to lighter paint. The result was a more photo realistic mountain that looked like the reference photo.


Taos Mountain Final

Welcome to my world!