Mixed Media : A new direction for the Munnar Hillstation Painting.

Unsatisfied with the results of the first attempt with the Munnar Hillstation acylic painting, I decided to change the things I didn’t like and keep the parts I do like.

Munnar Hillstation Kerala, India - Final

I wasn’t satisfied with mountain and sky in this first attempt, and thought hard about how I could alter those parts, while still keeping the rolling hills.

Munnar Transformed into the Plateau Project

Munnar Transformed into the Plateau Project. I painted over the sky and mountains and replaced them with a new set of clouds and a mysterious valley of plateaus. I didn’t have a reference photo, I just enjoyed the paint.

Pleateau Project  Phase Two- Screenshot in Photoshop

I wanted to try different things with this painting and so I took the photo of the painting, and imported it into Adobe Photoshop CS5. I cropped it and then started adding layers of airbrush to add in the rock layer on the left. I want to create a sense of height and depth with this painting. Photoshop allows me to try out different ideas before I commit to paint. It is a great way of experimenting!

Plateau Project  - Phase Two

I now understand that I have to make changes to the rolling hills in order to give a better sense of height and dept. There is definitely more work to be done, and I look forward to using Photoshop as a tool to experiment with this painting further.

Welcome to my world!