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Certifications: Microsoft MOS Certifications – Getting Certified!

Background: It is time to get the I am certifiably awesome in MOS. I have been using the product for years and have been taking classes online through various training/online ed sites. This page helps me keep track of the goals and helps me plan out what needs to be accomplished in order to achieve […] | Up and Running with VBA in Excel with Curt Frye

Current Status:  100% Competle This was definitely a great introduction to VBA and beginner concepts for programming. The examples were easy to understand and gave me the knowledge necessary to get a start on my first macro. 88% Complete as of 07/28/2013  Taking simultaneously with | Excel 2010: Macros in Depth with Dennis Taylor […] | Excel 2010: Macros in Depth with Dennis Taylor

Background I wanted to learn more about the automation capabilities of Excel. I have been soaking in these courses in my spare time and have used this as a foundation to develop my first macro that helps me prepare a weekly report. It used to take me close 4 solid hours to completely prepare this […] | Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals with Simon Allardice – (4 hours 47mins)

Back Story The scope of my “Wacky Portal” project for work has increased. The new scope cannot be done using just the out of the box (OOB) features or even SharePoint Designer. After consulting with my good friend and SharePoint expert, Bora, I have realized that I will have to work with Visual Basic 2010 […] | InfoPath 2010 – Essentials Training – (6 Hours 6 Min)

10/04/2012 – I am 2 hour into this video and am already thinking that this is  fantastic way to learn InfoPath 2010! I am actually going to use this at work tomorrow to help me build the form for the “Wacky Project!”  11/11/2012 – I just realized that yet again, I did not watch the closing […] | SharePoint Designer 2010: Building Custom Workflows with Gini Courter – (4 Hours 44 Min)

  09/25/2012 – Started Course This is awesome! I got through the first hour of the training but repeated some of the videos to better grasp the content. Gini goes over not only how to create workflows, but also best practices for creating and maintaining workflow. In particular, I was very impressed with  Chapter 11. […]

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