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Best Meatloaf Recipe – Alton Brown

This is my favorite meatloaf recipe!   This is by far the most delicious meatloaf I have ever  had.  I am taking a screenshot of this recipe since I can’t chance ever losing it! We found the recipe while watching an episode of Alton Brown’s Good Eats.   Recipe     Video on YouTube   […]

Pork Wellington

We purchased a pork tenderloin from “Babes in the Woods” and explored various options for preparing it for our Sunday night dinner (See post What to do with Pork Tenderloin). My search for different recipes led me back to the Food Network’s “Good Eats!” In Season 13 Episode 4 -“Tender is the Pork,” Alton Brown demonstrates […]

What to do with Pork Tenderloin

Recently we had a drop off from our favorite piggies from Babes in the Woods. This time, we got the Pork Tenderloin. I have NEVER made pork tenderloin but am up to the challenge. Here is a list of recipes and video tutorials on how to make pork tenderloin   1) Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin […]

Pumpkin Puree – The Alton Brown Way

Never eat canned pumpkin puree … EVER! I have used this for pie pumpkins, butternut squash, and even acorn squash. Instructions Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Prepare a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Slice Pumpkins in 1/2 using a meat cleaver and mallet. Remove seeds from the pumpkin. Sprinkle kosher salt into the pumpkin cavity. […]

Good Eats S04E06 The Egg Files III: Let Them Eat Foam (Angel Food Cake) – YouTube

Good Eats S04E06 The Egg Files III: Let Them Eat Foam (Angel Food Cake) – YouTube. I have not yet tired this recipe …. but it looks AMAZING!

Sour Cream Cheesecake Recipe – by Alton Brown

Background  I have made cheesecakes using many different receipes. This one is definitely a favorite among my family and friends. If you like a light textured cheesecake this recipe if for you! I first wrote down the recipe while watching Season 5- Episode 7 of “Good Eats : The Trouble with Cheesecake” where Alton Brown demonstrated the entire […]

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