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How-to Make an Excel Company Goal Tracker Thermometer Beer Ch

Very cool demo of how to create a custom “thermometer” styled chart ….

Create Speedometer chart in Excel!

Increadibly it is a pie chart cleverly layered on top of a donut chart with tricks such as no fill and other cool things.

Excel2010 – Create a Scroll Bar for Chart Animation

I have been looking for both a beautiful and functional way to show a sliding timeline shart to represemt Trailing Twelve Month (TTM) data.    

Excel VBA – Looping using VBA

In this video, the author demonstrated how to code   For loop using VBA. About 1/2 way through he shows how to use FinalRow  in a loop to make it dynamic.    

Excel 2010: Advanced Filters – 5 Examples from ExcelisFun

I have been presented with a new challenge at work: the Color Chart aka DEB Chart 1. The gist of the challenge is extracting the right data based on a set of criteria that can be changed. I have never used Advanced Filter before, and this YouTube video by ExcellsFun. This video is 33:27 minutes […]

Certifications: Microsoft MOS Certifications – Getting Certified!

Background: It is time to get the I am certifiably awesome in MOS. I have been using the product for years and have been taking classes online through various training/online ed sites. This page helps me keep track of the goals and helps me plan out what needs to be accomplished in order to achieve […]

Self Test: Kaplan – Microsoft Excel 2010 Expert

Goal 1: I have purchased the Self Test Package through Kaplan with Online access to the Self Test Materials.   This will help me pass the 77-888 – MOS: Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Expert      

Conditional Formatting |

I thought this was an easy question to be able to answer but it ended up taking me FOREVER to find it. And this was the video that helped me I wanted to compare two columns side by side. The idea was to put them in order and highlight whenever the value was different. Sounds […]

Sales Forecasting and Reporting with Excel Files

Uses “Consolidation”

Fill Blank Cells in Excel

This very situation came up recently when a friend had a long list with some cells left blank that were supposed to be filled with the data in the first active cell above them. This 40 second video was just the thing we needed. A very useful tip/trick in quickly entering data in blank cells.

Excel 2010: Conditional Formatting

Learn Excel 2010 – “Select An Entire Table with VBA”: Podcast #16

Excel 2010 | Excel Magic Trick #219: Pivot Table Macro w Dynamic Range #2

Excel 2010 : Record and Edit an Excel Advanced Filter Macro

Excel Magic Trick 703: Extract Records Multiple Criteria (AND OR …

The concept I leaned from this video helped me to create my first Macro for preparing a list that track about 100 key identifiers for a weekly report. Part of the preparation process was to order the key identifiers by fiscal period with other criteria requiring or statements. | Up and Running with VBA in Excel with Curt Frye

Current Status:  100% Competle This was definitely a great introduction to VBA and beginner concepts for programming. The examples were easy to understand and gave me the knowledge necessary to get a start on my first macro. 88% Complete as of 07/28/2013  Taking simultaneously with | Excel 2010: Macros in Depth with Dennis Taylor […] | Excel 2010: Macros in Depth with Dennis Taylor

Background I wanted to learn more about the automation capabilities of Excel. I have been soaking in these courses in my spare time and have used this as a foundation to develop my first macro that helps me prepare a weekly report. It used to take me close 4 solid hours to completely prepare this […]

Udemy Excel Bundle | Local Deal and a Great Buy

A family member happen to be checking out Amazon Local deals right at the perfect time and pinged me suggesting that I take a look.  Recently I have been sponging in all I can on Advanced concepts in Excel. When I say Advanced, I mean that I have already been creating Pivot Tables and slicers […]

Excel 2013 – Excel Magic Trick 528: Check Two Lists For Discrepancies MATCH a

Excel 2010 – How to Use Conditional Formatting to Compare 2 Excel Lists

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