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Ideas for wall art collections – Currencies of the past

Coins and Currency have always been an interest of mine. I have coins and bills that are no longer printed. As the world is moving toward digital currency, paper notes and coins will be history. If you have ever looked closely at currency, there is very detailed artwork and symbols that make it worthy of wall art, and […]

Ideas for wall art collections – Tours of Europe Art

Petite Tour – Frames art Have you been to Europe and taken a billion pics you don’t know what to do with (or are living on a forgotten micro SD somewhere in a home)? Here is a great idea I got from Ballard design from August 2020. This collection is called Petite Tours of Europe […]

Main Floor 2020 Project

Summary: After many donation and purge cycles, I am down to only those things which I love or which have purpose in my home. During cleanup phase I evaluated carefully every single item in the affected areas to decide if it stays or goes. To my joy and delight, I was left with elements with […]

Gita Makes: Green Monkey Fabric Lined Jute Boxes using Diaper Boxes

Billy is born in the Chinese year of the monkey. So we decided to make the theme of his room “Little Monkey.” While on a trip to Joanne Fabrics with my wonderful mom in law, I came across three coordinating fabrics and and decided to use them for my second set of fabric lined jute […]

WORK IN PROGRESS: Gita makes butterfly shadow box art – Silhouette Cameo

While searching for YouTube videos on how to use the Silhouette Came, I came across an amazing video on how to create a pop out art for a shadow box with butterfly shapes. After viewing the video I decided to try it out for myself and made these blanks. All that is left is to […]

Gita Makes: Vinyl Lables for Kitchen Canisters

I found these amazing canisters at Tuesday Morning and had to customize them. I decided to customize them using the heavy duty vinyl and my Silhouette Cameo cutting device to cut out lettering to fit on the chalk board labels of my canisters. Here are the results. Background: My family has always made chai using […]

Silhouette Cameo – My necklace form cutout design template made in Adobe

Silhouette Cameo – Design Studio – How to use Trace Feature for custom design

  I would like to learn how to use this feature so that I can create my own templates in the free Silhouette Design Studio without having to purchase the $49.99 Design Edition. I have made a few patterns using Adobe Illustrator and can convert the to .SVG files. However only the Design Edition can […]

Wishlist Item – Silhouette Cameo Designer Edition – $49.99

I have been purchasing templates/patterns designs from the Silhouette Store but there have been times where I have not found what I was looking for. In these instances, I wish there was a way for me to make my own designs. Upon further research I found out that there is a software called the Silhouette […]

Gita Makes | Silhouette Cameo Pattern File for Mannequin Pin Cushion

The Mannequin Pin Cushion from was not very even. Upon further inspection it was probably hand drown hence the lack of symmetry. So I took matters into my own hands and designed my own vector based version of the Mannequin Pin Cushion using the magic of Illustrator. In order to ensure that I symmetrical […]

Gita Makes | Upcycled Fabric Storage Box (using Enfamil Baby Formula Tub)

Gita Makes | Yellow Spoon Mirror – 1st Attempt

With the cold weather in 2015, I was finding myself wanting to stay in more and was in quite an artsy craftsy mood. The success of upcycling diaper boxes to make  Lined Jute Baskets  had me wanting to redecorate the kids / family space in my home. First it was the baskets, then it was matching pillow covers, […]

Gita Makes| Pillow Covers to Match the Yellow and Gray Fabric Lining

After making the fabric lined jute baskets from diaper boxes, I had some left over fabric, just enough to make a few envelop pillow covers in Euro size (24X24). Since I was almost out of the pattered fabric, I purchased some plain yellow cotton fabric for the back and was quite pleased with the results. […]

Gita Makes: Fabric Lining for Jute Baskets – Upcycled Diaper Box Project

I came across the idea to upcycle my diaper boxes into fabric lined jute boxes, from a Pinterest post from RedStickMom. I deviated from her tutorial by putting in a little extra effort by sewing the fabric lining instead of just gluing it one. I watched several tutorials on YouTube on how to sew a […]

Gita Makes | Lined Jute Baskets With Diaper Boxes

Diaper boxes are durable and sturdy, it’s a shame to have to throw them away or even recycle. The boxes that we purchase also fit perfectly into our kid station in the family room. Once again the internet came through! I found several Pintrest posts about how to reuse/repurpose diaper boxes and was inspired by Red Stick Mom […]

Gita Makes – Envelope Pillow Case | Home Decor Project

Background Story I purchased a Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine in 2009 but never really had a chance to use it until recently. After several years of sitting in the box, I finally had an opportunity, and the interest, to open up the box and learn to use it. It took me a few hours […]

How to make a Paper Purse Using Silhouette Cameo

I have a heavy paper gift bag/purse that I purchased from World Market years ago. Now that I have a Silhouette Came, I thought that there might be a paper purse template out there that I could use to create a similar purse to hold a small piece of jewelry and a gift card for […]

Gita Paints – Dr. Seuss Nursery

In 2009, my very good friends Erinn & David were expecting their first baby. They wanted a Dr, Seuss nursery theme and it was the first mural painting I had ever done. I also got to paint a dresser as part of the theme. When Erinn came to me requesting that I be the artist […]

My Craft Corner – From small second bedroom to my craft corner

My Dream Craft Shop One day I will have an amazing craft room that is so awesome it will be called a craft shop instead of a room. It will have a corner for each of my hobbies. There will be wood cutting tools and saws, a sewing/upholstery corner, a spot to put together/take apart […]

Gita Makes – Dress Form Pin Cushion – In Progress

Background My very first project with the sewing machine was a pin cushion. I needed one before embarking on future sewing adventures and found a video on YouTube by Debbie Shore on how to create a simple Mannequin / Dress Form Pin Cushion.  Here’s Mine.  I wanted to make more of these but with more […] – Another great site to customize IKEA furniture

Here is another really cool way to customize the look of your Ikea furniture. I found an ad for this site on First there was and now I have discovered PANYL is Architectural grade adhesive finishes for IKEA Products.  The website shows a wide variety of colors, and finishes to upgrade any piece of […] – Customize your IKEA Furniture and More with Overlays!

I saw a banner for on the sidebar of IKEAHACKERs and am so happy to share this interesting find. Ikea provides a wonderful and cost effective option when it comes to modular furniture. makes special pieces to customize the look of the Ikea furniture. They make it simple with a gallery of before […]

Mannequin Pin Cushion – Take 2 – DIYDish Pattern

Pin Cushion Take  – DIY Dish After completing the first pin cushion I came across a video on YouTube from DIYDish which came with a pattern for a Mannequin Pin Cushion. I tried this one as well and had a little trouble sewing it but it still came out great. The nice thing about the DIYDish […]

IKEA – Lighted Wall Unit for Living Room

I  love trips to Ikea! What’s more I love having left over pieces from past creations that can be reused for new masterpieces! In the apartment I had a wall panel TV unit which I am giving a new purpose in the townhouse I am renting. The living room needs light in the evenings and […]

Gita Makes – A New Door Wreath for Spring

Spring is filled with beautiful colors and flowers. I had already purchased fabric for my Spring Pillow Cover project and happen to be at Michael’s Craft Store just at the right time to find matching artificial tulips at low prices To make this wreath I used a wicker wreath form and artificial flowers with the steams […]

Kitchen Decor Using – “Chicken Pig Cow Fish” and

Custom Home Goods from Zazzle using My Digital Art Update: 04/01/2013 If you look under ART > Digital Art In Progress you will find the blog / journals for “Chicken, Pig, Cow, Fish”  (CPCF). This is a digital artwork that I created using PhotoShop and will soon paint onto four 13 X 13 canvases using acrylic […]

IKEAHACKERS – How to paint your own rug

I have been having trouble finding the perfect rug for my living room. I am so over the traditional oriental/arabesque patterns that you can find anywhere. I have actually fallen in love with modern, simple large pattern rugs but have found that they come with quite a price tag. I cannot commit to spending hundreds […]

Mannequin/Dressform Pushpin Project | My First Sewing Project

The Mannequin Pushpin Project Since I didn’t already have a pincushion I thought to make this my first project. I had not used the sewing machine before so this was a perfect test project for me to get to know the machine. I had some trouble in the beginning and so this was a good […]

Home Decorating – Gita Decorates Apartment Dining Room

I got my first apartment in 2010 and took my time to furnish it and decorate it. I was on a tight budget and could only afford to do one or two pieces at a time. But thanks to visiting a range of furniture galleries, and making incredible purchases through Cragslist, I was able to […]

IKEA – Extra large entertainment unit with Led Lights – Still somewhat in progress

So my LCD TV died and I was looking for a replacement. Since the new townhouse had a larger space in for a TV I decided to explore my options and found an amazing deal on an Open Box TV at Best Buy. This one was the demo that was on the wall. The price […]

Brother SE270 D Sewing and Embroidery Machine – Information Page

I own the Brother SE270D Sewing and Embroidery Machine which I purchased from COSTCO in 2007.   Manuals These have been downloaded from the Brother website for safe keeping and as a backup copy for the hardcopies that came with the unit Brother SE270 D Sewing and Embroidery Machine – Instruction manual : ENGLISH Brother […]

IKEA – Custom Kitchen Juice Bar with Stainless Steel Top

The Old Bar I gave it a shot be my awesome Craigslist purchase that worked in the apartment was not working out in the townhouse. It clashed against the beautiful and functional white unit that we built just a few months earlier.   The New Bar That is more like it! We took an IKEA set and changed […]

IKEA Hackers: Expedit sewing/crafting/cutting table

As I was exploring ideas for creating a craft table, I found myself at the IKEAHACKERs site and saw this fantastic idea for a craft table. This is a fantastic project idea for anyone looking for a craft table. IKEA Hackers: Expedit sewing/crafting/cutting table. As for me, I ended up giving my butcher block a […]

IKEA – Huge Kitchen Storage Solution with LED lights

New Kitchen, New Storage Issues I was excited to move out of the apartment and into a townhouse rental. One of the compromises was going to be the kitchen. I got all the basics that I needed, it had gas and it had working refrigerator, dishwasher and an island as a bonus. However, there was some […]

(First Ever) IKEA Project – Geeked Out – Wall Mount with LED Light Backed Glass Panels

This is how it all started! It was 2011, I was living in my first apartment and I didn’t have much furniture. I did have a TV that migrated from floor, to dresser, to one of those slim tables that goes on the back of a sofa. I needed an entertainment unit on a budget […]

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