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Gita Make Indian Food Using Parampara Paneer Kadhai Spice Mix Trial

I found this video while digging in the depths of the “Sort Me” folder on my hard drive. This was one of my early food video projects. I thought I had lost it and was glad to see it again. If for nothing else, the exotic chill lounge background music makes this video fun to […]

Solita’s Best Pineapple Upside Down Cake – From Scratch All The Way!

When a box cake mix solution won’t do, and you want to make the entire cake from scratch, this is the recipe! After many great attempts with box mix, I wanted to come up with my own recipe from scratch. It was summertime and there were tons of beautiful pineapples on display at the local […]

Solita Makes – Pork Jowl

We had purchased pork jowl (also known as pork cheek) from Babes in the Woods but didn’t really know what to do with it. I started to research different methods of preparing pork jowl and collected different recipes on another post called What to do with Pork Jowel? We decided to try it Italian style. […]

Shane Makes Lasagna

It’s Shane’s turn to cook and we can’t wait! Especially since this recipe calls for ground pork. And we just so happen to have some delicious ground pork from Babe’s in the Woods that is going to set this lasagna out on a whole ‘nother level! Shane combined ready made tomato sauce with here own seasonings and […]

Pork Wellington

We purchased a pork tenderloin from “Babes in the Woods” and explored various options for preparing it for our Sunday night dinner (See post What to do with Pork Tenderloin). My search for different recipes led me back to the Food Network’s “Good Eats!” In Season 13 Episode 4 -“Tender is the Pork,” Alton Brown demonstrates […]

What to do with Pork Tenderloin

Recently we had a drop off from our favorite piggies from Babes in the Woods. This time, we got the Pork Tenderloin. I have NEVER made pork tenderloin but am up to the challenge. Here is a list of recipes and video tutorials on how to make pork tenderloin   1) Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin […]

The Finer Point of SUGAR!

I grew up with plain white granulated sugar used in twice daily family chai. During high school home economics class, where I learned to bake cookies, I first encountered brown sugar. Since then there have been several options made available at the local supermarket, ranging from artificial sweeteners to “raw sugars” to syrups and liquid […]

Growing A Greener World – Polyface Farms – Episode 306

In this video, visit Polyface Farms in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia  where Joel Sallatin gives us a tour of the farm and explains the philosophy behind sustainable and profitable farming practices. As consumers of meat and dairy products, it is important to understand how the animal’s lifestyle and diet impact the final product that we enjoy at the […]

The Finer Points of SALTs

Salt is a very important cooking ingredient that is used in just about every recipe, even sweets.  There are a wide variety of salts to choose from. Here are some links to information about different types of salt and a video from “Good Eats” – Alton Brown which goes into the history of salt as […]

What to do with Pork Jowl?

In a recent order from our favorite pork supplier “Babes in the Woods” we decided to get a special cut of piggy. The JOWL! The jowl, also known as the cheek, can be a tender and delicious cut of meat when prepared properly. My first experience with pork jowl was during a culinary adventure at […]

Best Pork Products – Babes In The Woods

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