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WORK IN PROGRESS: Gita makes butterfly shadow box art – Silhouette Cameo

While searching for YouTube videos on how to use the Silhouette Came, I came across an amazing video on how to create a pop out art for a shadow box with butterfly shapes. After viewing the video I decided to try it out for myself and made these blanks. All that is left is to […]

Gita Makes: Vinyl Lables for Kitchen Canisters

I found these amazing canisters at Tuesday Morning and had to customize them. I decided to customize them using the heavy duty vinyl and my Silhouette Cameo cutting device to cut out lettering to fit on the chalk board labels of my canisters. Here are the results. Background: My family has always made chai using […]

WORK IN PROGRESS: Gita Makes: Customized Totes for for Jimmy and Billy using Silhouette Cameo – Iron On Heat Transfer

Almost done with this project. Just have to iron onto the tote bags we use for the boys when they go to child care!   Creating and Setting the Letters   First, I used the Silhouette Studio program to create the “Jimmy” and “Billy” text. I reversed the lettering to the mirror image and made […]

Brother SE270D Sewing and Embroidery Machine

                      Manuals and Documentation for Brother SE270D User Manual – English – UM_SE_270D_EN_6927 Disney Design Info PI_SE_270D_EN_6749 Accessories Catalog –  AC_HE_120_120PKG_240_Innov_ís 900D_LB_6770_LB6770 PRW_LB_6770THRD_SE_270D_350_EN_2337 Quick Start Guide – QSG_SE_270D_EN_345     Order Brother SE-270D Parts  

Gita Make | Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Onesie using Heat Transfer Vinyl

I wanted to try out my professional cutting device, the Silhouette Cameo, using iron on vinyl material. I purchased some sparkly red vinyl from and cut out a simple heart shape for JP’s plain white onesie. I thought it would look super cute for Valentine’s and it worked out very well. The teacher’s at […]

Wishlist Item – Silhouette Cameo Designer Edition – $49.99

I have been purchasing templates/patterns designs from the Silhouette Store but there have been times where I have not found what I was looking for. In these instances, I wish there was a way for me to make my own designs. Upon further research I found out that there is a software called the Silhouette […]

My Art Tools: Wacom Cintiq 21UX – Graphic Design Marvel

This is by far my favorite art tool of all time. I use it to edit all the videos and graphics used on The Wacom Cintiq 21UX is one of the most coveted tools for graphic designers. Prior to this I owned a Wacom INTUOS Extra Large Tablet. But this is much nicer. Rather […]

FAQs | Raspberry Pi –

FAQs | Raspberry Pi. I own this device and will have a post about the Raspberry Pi project soon. Stay Tuned! |  X-QPACK2-GD/500

Welcome to |  X-QPACK2-GD/500. Could this please by my mobile SharePoint 2010 / Visual Studio Sandbox unit? It is even sand COLORED!

ASUS TAICHI™ & Erik. Incredible Together – YouTube

ASUS TAICHI™ & Erik. Incredible Together – YouTube. I want this SOOOOO BAD!!!!!! I love ASUS!

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