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Crying – Digital Painting by Gita

  My soul sister passed away suddenly on May 21, 2014. It was a Wednesday, and her mother called me with the terrible news. I was so shocked that I couldn’t cry. But once I started, I couldn’t stop. I decided to express myself and I did it with this digital painting.  

Wacom INTUOS Tablet – Gita’s first digital graphics tablet

I was 25 years old when I became the proud owner of the Wacom Intuos4 Extra Large Pen Tablet. This was the first Wacom product I had ever purchased. It was 2005,  the first iPhones were just starting to appear and Facebook had just been invented the year earlier.  I had been using a mouse to create […]

Digital Airbrushing: Red BMW

Illustrator Tutorial – How to make a cool swirly graphic using a font character and the Transform tool

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial Video by Gita This video demonstrates how to use the transform tool to repeat a font character in a radial pattern to form a cool graphic. It is easier to show than to describe so here we go!

My Art Tools: Wacom Cintiq 21UX – Graphic Design Marvel

This is by far my favorite art tool of all time. I use it to edit all the videos and graphics used on The Wacom Cintiq 21UX is one of the most coveted tools for graphic designers. Prior to this I owned a Wacom INTUOS Extra Large Tablet. But this is much nicer. Rather […]

Digital Airbrushing – Practicing how to airbrush with a step by step guide

Digital Character Design and Painting (Charles River Media Graphics) by Don Seegmiller   This book has had a tremendous influence on my love of digital airbrushing. My hand drawing skills were good, and I had created several elaborate pen & ink drawings as a teenager. I needed more guidance with actually coloring in those pieces. […]

Urban Zen Terrace – 4th Floor Outdoor Living

Art in progress. I started with an idea of how to use the 4th floor terrace and developed my ideas in Adobe Illustrator.

Kitchen Design – From Hand sketch to Digital Art

I was stressed out and found myself doodling the other day. I ended up sketching a kitchen, and the next day decided to scan it in and colorize it using Adobe Illustrator.

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